...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Was a New One

You would think after going through three other three year old's there wouldn't be too many things I hadn't seen before. Yet, I was surprised yesterday by my inventive second to youngest child. It was naptime and so the house was quiet. Suddenly, a piercing scream filled the air, coming from the direction of the two youngest boy's bedroom. I could tell it was the one year old, and that this scream was an "I'm really angry" scream, not an "I'm really hurting" scream. Being a mom, I went in to investigate and this is what I found.
Gavin had taken every single thing in his bedroom (toys, clothes, diapers, books....everything) and loaded into the crib where the baby was supposed to be sleeping. At this point, Logan could no longer move and that made him mad so he started screaming. It took me nearly ten minutes to clear all of the stuff out of the crib, and then Gavin looked up at me and said, "Just one toy next time, Mom?" I just shook my head and chuckled and said "yes."
All of the stuff (including the tubs and shopping cart) that I pulled out of the crib....Gavin had started to clean up, notice how he put the diapers back in their drawer behind him. He really is a sweet little guy. He definitely keeps life interesting.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Losing Our Marbles

A favorite pass time at our house is building. Our kids like to build with legos, shape blocks, linkin (or is it Lincoln) logs and anything else they can manage. One of their favorite things to build is "marble sets." For Christmas one year, whey got these awesome marble track set things and they all love them. Even Logan likes to run marbles down the track (although he hasn't quite mastered building his own track so he generally waits until someone isn't looking and then steals theirs). They have been playing with this set non stop all week. Sometimes I wish we had more of it (there isn't quite enough for all five kids at once), and sometimes I wish the whole thing would disappear (there isn't quite enough for all five kids at once...oh the fights). Still, I love that they can play with something fun and use their imaginations to create something all at the same time.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Twilight Saves the Day

I am generally a book-a-holic. I love to read. However, morning sickness (how can they call it that when it lasts all day) had won out over reading the last month. Thankfully, today I picked up Twilight again and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, I can read Twilight even while feeling queasy. Edward is therapeutic in so many ways (I still adore you Josh).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's the Egyptian Flu

I haven't been feeling well lately (like for almost a month) so finally I went to the doctor yesterday and sure enough it is the Egyptian Flu...I'm going to be a mummy. Baby number 6 (and the final installment) is due September 12. Hooray for the last time through this, and for one last little bundle of joy. Wish us luck.

(The kids are thrilled to check out what our "alien" baby looks like every week...this is where we are at nine weeks)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The total truth about Valentine boxes and flowers

Okay, so Melissa says that I need to post here on occasion so I am going to now. (and maybe never again) I need to clarify a few things from her last posting. Yes, Aubrey and I created a cool box for her Valentines day celebration. There is only one problem. I didn't volunteer. I was volunteered. As a school teacher I feel it is important that we receive all applicable information when making a decision. So, you should receive all of the information from me.

Thursday I had just gotten home from school and Melissa came walking upstairs holding a lame cardboard box, some gold wrapping paper and a tape gun. She told me to be creative and help Aubrey make a box for her Valentines party. Now there is only one problem with this idea of me being creative. I am not creative. I am not even remotely creative, and to make it worse, how is one creative with a lame cardboard box, wrapping paper and a tape gun. It appeared that Aubrey would have a square box, gold wrapping paper around it and, WOW, that's creative, don't you think?

Yes, well, I didn't either, so I decided to build Aubrey something out of wood, because, that would be cool. Melissa explained things well enough, that I don't need to say much more about that. I also need to add that I brought the flowers home to show them how good Melissa looked. The flowers are very impressed with her in case you are wondering.

Early Valentine's at our House

Because our kids are on year round school, our two oldest celebrated Valentine's day at school this past Friday.

Aubrey was the only child who needed to create a Valentine's box this year, and Josh volunteered to help her with that. I brought him a cardboard box, some gold paper, and stickers...but he said no, he had a different plan in mind. Aubrey was excited. First of all, she loves to work with her dad, and secondly, Dad headed outside to the shed...this was going to be an adventure.

Sure enough, Josh got out the saw, wood, and sander and the two went to work. They designed their project and got to it. Aubrey could not have been more excited. She was thrilled with the finished product, and Josh was pretty pleased with himself as well. I have never seen a wooden Valentine's box in first grade, but there's a first time for everything. They did end up using my gold paper after all.

Finally, because we had free overnight babysitting, Josh and I decided to go out for our Valentine's/and-a-half anniversary (Valentine's marks six months from our wedding so we celebrate every year). Josh brought home these gorgeous flowers (lillies are my favorite) and it was a fabulous night. Our holiday may have been a little early, but it was still a lot of fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Domestic Boys

While my two oldest kids are in school, me and my three younger boys get to do a lot of things together. We do activities that focus on them (they love to finger paint or do crafts or build with shape blocks) but I also try to include them in whatever I am doing (ok, sometimes I am terrible and send them to watch tv to get them out of my hair, but once in a while I try to include them). Case in point...today I needed to make some receiving blankets so I hauled out the fabric and scissors and sewing machine. The boys were automatically interested...a big box and lots of tools that they don't see every day, what could be more exciting. They watched intently as I laid out and cut the fabric but then, they could be bystanders no longer. They wanted to help. They hopped up on my lap and we sewed together. We talked about how sewing works and what we needed to do to do a good job, and they were thrilled. We all had fun and got my job done and there was no whining about "Mom, can you play with me now." It was a great morning. (Logan was more than happy to gather up all the spare fabric pieces and throw them in the garbage...he loves to put things in things...then he would take them all back out and put them in again). It is fun to spend time with my boys and help them explore a little bit more of their feminine side (is there such a thing) and maybe learn a little something and have fun with Mom in the process. (p.s. please ignore the pajamas and lack of styled hair...guess I didn't have to go out that day).
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