...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Finally Fall

(Imagine these words are being sung in dramatic fashion because that's the way they are in my head)


(don't worry, Josh, I am in love with you too)

When the days get shorter, and the temperatures get cooler, and the leaves start to turn then I am in HeAvEn!

It is my favorite time of year.

Anyway, fall in our house means a few things.

1. Canning:  We grow a bunch of tomato plants every year even though I am the only human around here who eats tomatoes.  

The nice thing about tomatoes is that they taste great fresh...but they also turn into other tasty things if you put them to work.

We smoosh these babies up and then turn them into a nice thick tomato sauce and also a fabulous salsa.

ALSO -- one tiny brag -- our salsa can now be officially called "award winning salsa" because at Josh's school there was a salsa contest and our salsa won "Best Traditional Salsa" and tied for "Best Salsa Overall."

Come over sometimes, we'll probably even let you try it!

2. Whitmer Family Weekend:  Often in September we get together with my brothers and their families for a weekend at my parent's time-share at East Canyon.

While we were there, we took a drive to the hoppin' town of Morgan for a family bowling event.  My mom rented the entire alley (it wasn't exactly huge -- but very well kept and the people were kind) and we all bowled our little hearts out (most of us stink at it, but it was fun anyway).

3. We took a trip to the mountains:  I really love the canyons in the fall, but this year we got the bonus of being able to take the kids out of school for a day to go to my brother's property to ride ATVs.

It was so.  much.  fun.  

What a great way to spend a day (and the gorgeous fall colors during the drive were definitely a plus).

4. General Conference: Fall means LDS general conference.  I always look forward to hearing the words of God through living prophets and I always come away uplifted and wanting to be better.  

I was so sad to hear of the death of Elder Robert D. Hales.  I have long appreciated his teachings.  I feel very thankful for leaders who seek guidance from Heavenly Father to try to help me and my family to grow.

Generally, we have conference packets and games for the kids to play to help as they listen, but this year we tried something new.  

We picked some words that might show up during the talks and labeled bowls of candy with those words.  The kids could take a candy each time one of those words was spoken.  They opted to create tally sheets and then fill their sack with candy following each talk.  

Hopefully, some of the messages sank in more than simply the words that were said.   

5. Family Photos:  Often in the fall we try to take a new family picture.  It is hard to get us all together at once, so we try to arrange once a year for everyone to set aside a time to take pictures.  Nothing fancy, but enough to help us remember that we love our life together.

It is always good to be together.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Party Central

Our three youngest children all have birthdays within two weeks so this past little while our house has been PaRtY CeNtRaL!!!

I am the meanest mom on the planet (just ask my kiddos) and I DO NOT do birthday parties every year.  They make me tired, but this year we had three pivotal birthday so it was triple the party fun at the DeMoux house!

Party #1Elinor: Moana Theme

I'll be honest, I put off buying decorations and such for too long and a couple days before the party everything in stores was all "back-to-school" no one was thinking "tropical Hawaiian vacation" anymore.

But no worries, Walmart had tiki torches on clearance and we hung Japanese lanterns in the trees (not strictly tropical, but Ellie was pleased and that's all I care about).

We played pin the feather on Hei-Hei (the chicken became kind of the accidental mascot of our party),

shot stretchy rubber chickens into baskets,

and dug through the sand tand shells to find our own "Heart of Tafiti" (some lovely blue rocks).

We also had a treasure hunt in search of Maui's magical hook (which was, of course, protected by a treasure-laden crab -- don't laugh, I tried)

We wore flower leis and Hawaiian sashes (when we can't find much for our theme, we punt, it was fun!).

Aaaaaand, keeping with our chicken theme, everyone got to hold one of our feathered ladies for a picture (this was maybe the favorite part of the whole party for some of them...who knew).

It was a good afternoon for my baby girl and her pals.  

Party #2
Gavin: Water Theme

Gavin wanted a water party.  It was supposed to have lots of water balloons.  But remember how I put off buying stuff until the last minute.  Yeah, three stores and no water balloons available.


We just filled regular balloons with water and pretended like it was the same thing...but fatter.

People arrived and some soggy fun ensued.

The kids popped hanging, water filled, balloons which were hanging in the trees with their hands.  

They wore a pair of nylons from their head with a baseball in the bottom and had to knock over cups of water.

We also teamed up so one person poured water from a cup on their head to fill a cup on the belly of their partner who was laying on the ground, tried to drop pennies into a jar submerged in a bucket of water, and more.  Everyone was wet but happy.

Aubrey decorated Gavin's cupcakes and did a great job.

We ended the afternoon with water balloon volleyball and then some fun on the slip and slide.  A good time was had by all.

Party #3
Logan: Lego Theme

Logan's was the last party in our trio, but it was still a good one.

We played pin the head on the Lego guy.

then 'unwrap the prize while wearing oven mitts.'  Although not technically a Lego-themed game, this baby was the hit of the party (you get to unwrap if you roll 7, 11, or doubles on a pair of dice...but the next person to roll those gets to take it away for their own turn). 

We also played Lego Bingo (find a printable version here) and guessed how many Legos were in a jar.

For our main activity, we had each of the boys build a Lego car and then we had a set of races using those cars.  The boys had TONS of fun challenging each other and pitting their cars against their friends.

I did manage to find Lego shaped candles and we made a (sad) Lego shaped cake.  Nothing fancy, but the boys had fun and Logan was thrilled and nothing else really matters if you ask me.

And so, tri-party excitement has ebbed and life is back to normal around here (and I am excited about that).  Thanks to all who shared your kidlets with us because a party pretty much stinks without friends to share it with.

Hooray for birthdays!  (sort of)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bob...I mean...Josh the builder

Me: "Wow, we have tons of stuff that we used to keep in our shed before we moved here, and now it is cluttering up every inch of our garage.  I wish someone big and strong would build me some sturdy shelving so I could store this junk up high and out of the way."


Me:  "The lawn mower sure gets in the way sitting in the garage and makes it hard to maneuver the cars and bikes.  It would sure be nice if I had that and my yard tools out closer to where I need to use them."


Me:  "My chickens are getting kind of cooped up when they have to be in their pen, it sure would be nice if they had a bit more space to stretch out and move around when they aren't in the yard."


Just another reason that I love that man.  I'm awfully grateful (and very very lucky) to have him.

Monday, August 14, 2017

My chickens are...well...chicken

I raise chickens.

I guess raise might be a strong word for how this is has gone so far.  The story is as follows: I bought a handful of chickens, I feed them, and they didn't die yet.  Whatever word you use to describe that sequence of events, go with it.

Anyway,  we've had our chickens for nearly six months and I feel like we've gotten to know them pretty well.  They each have their own unique personality and that's fun.  We have a couple of neighbor kids who are so enamored with them that they sometimes come over to hold members of our flock rather than play with our children (it's sort of funny, actually).

Our feathered ladies always get excited when we come out to see them because they know that we often bring them treats (like mealworms...yummy!!).

Yesterday, my husband cut up a cantaloupe.  I have heard that chickens LOVE melons and will pick all the leftover fruit off the rind until all that is left is the thick skin (and apparently, some of them also peck off bits of the rind to eat...which is what our dog does -- eat the whole thing, rind and all).

So, I thought I'd bring them a treat.  I already know they like treats (well, honestly, who doesn't).

I spread the melon rinds around the floor of their coop so everyone could get some nibbles in without having to argue over the food...which happens.

And that's when I learned that my chickens are terrified of melon rinds.

Yup, all five of them high tailed it up into their second story dwelling and none of them would come down.

Daisy, most definitely the leader of the group and the one who usually explores new things, would venture onto the ramp, but even she wouldn't go near these vile, supposed "treats."

The girls stayed up in their roost for HOURS.

But I wasn't going to budge.  These ladies were going to learn that cantaloupe is not lethal (generally speaking...I'm sure there's a story somewhere of death by cantaloupe).

And eventually, they must have gotten tired of each other because they cautiously wandered downstairs (Daisy went first).  They were extremely careful to walk around the orange, fruity, invaders (and Devorah threw a squawking tantrum when her toe touched one of them -- no kidding -- diva).  They kicked around the straw on the floor to hide the rinds and then everything was back to normal.

Our dog snuck in and ate the rinds later that day when we let the chickens out to wander the yard

Oh, the adventures of a suburban chicken owner.

On a related note, one of our ladies has recently started laying eggs and I'm sure the others will follow suit very soon.  My kids are still totally enamored with the fun of looking for eggs every day...and if I'm honest, so am I.

Our first ever home grown (??) egg in the awesome egg basket Josh bought for me on our trip to Chicago this summer.  Yup, my egg basket is imported all the way from Illinois.  That's fancy!

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