...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Bucket list item achieved.

We are now the proud owners of five chickens (hey, don't make fun of my bucket list).

That's right, last night Josh and the girls and I trundled ourselves over to the local IFA and brought home five little fuzz balls which will eventually grow up and (hopefully) provide us with eggs.

We have been working toward this for a couple of months (and I've wanted chickens for years).  We had to get a permit from the city (grrrrr), and put together their house, and plan for chicken management etc etc.

But HOORAY, the wait is over and chicken owners we have become!  (One of us is much more excited about this fact than the other.)

Everyone around here (except for Bryce who is too teenage boy to be impressed by feathered babies) is totally enamored with the new flock.  Even Josh was sucked in to their cuteness.

Each child (sans Bryce) named a chicken (maybe that's why he doesn't like them so much) so we have Daisy, Cookie, Rookie (I know, I know), Raptor, and Devora.  We have three supposedly very hardy breeds (as per internet research) and we'll see what happens.

Should be fun!

(Pop on over for scrambled eggs in six months or so.)

(Also trying to get the dog involved so he doesn't eat these guys later on.)

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