...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prepare for One Super Cheesy (But True) Post

I love being a mom. To me, there is nothing better. I can honestly say that from the time I was little, I always wanted to be a mom (even though I also wanted to be a teacher, an archaeologist, or a veterinarian). I have loved children (not infants, mind you, I am not a baby person...don't get me wrong, I adore mine) since I was young and loved to babysit while I was growing up. Now, I get to spend all day every day with my favorite people in the world...my kids. That doesn't mean that they never make me crazy or that I never want to lock them in a closet forever...but I love to wake up every day knowing that I get to be with them. I feel awfully blessed to be able to hang out with such amazing people all the time.

On top of that, I get to hang out with another fabulous group of kids every week....my young women (this is just a few of them). My girls are incredible and I adore them. We had an activity about motherhood this week and I got to see them in action, reaching out to each other, making everyone feel welcome and included. I was so proud of them. We also got to have their moms at this activity, I really look up to several of those women. I hope to be like them one day.

But, I have to say, the best part of being a mom is the incredible partnership I get to share with my best friend and my favorite person in the world, Josh. He keeps me sane when I feel like I am going to lose it and he makes me laugh when I forget that things have a bright side. I wouldn't make it through without him. I am awfully blessed and am incredibly grateful that I get to chill with him, and our brood, for eternity. What could be better.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Uncompletable Tasks

I hate doing the laundry. It isn't so much the actual doing of the laundry that is so bad, I hate that it is a task that is NEVER done. The moment you finish the last load, it is suddenly the end of the day again and everyone takes off their clothes, so there is magically more laundry. Then, in the morning, everyone takes off their pajamas and POOF!!! More laundry. Then, because I have five inquisitive and energetic children, someone is bound to spill something, or color on themselves or someone else, or decide to paint themselves with Desatin and SHAZAAM!!! More laundry. I hate having a task that I can never call finished, it is never complete. When looking at my list of things to do, I never get to check that off. AAARRRGGGGHHHH...the frustration.

Add to that the dishes (with which I have the same problem), although that one is not quite the same because I hate the dishes so much that I just don't do them if I can help it. Poor Josh had been the main dishwasher in our home since the day we got married, little did he know what he was getting into (he's earning his way into heaven with his patience in that arena). I will scour the house for a pot that will, although not ideal, work just fine for cooking or even adjust the meal I am going to make to fit the dishes that are clean so that I don't have to wash something.

At least I don't despise cleaning toilets (not that I look forward to it). And I even take out the trash without whining. I guess we all have our quirks and our preferences. So far, my family hasn't suffered too severely because of mine. Such is life, bring on the toilets!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Tonight we were able to go, as a family, to the Draper Temple open house. What a fabulous experience for our family. If you haven't set up a time to take your family, I highly recommend it. The kids loved it. We talked to them a lot before the trip about what a temple is and why they can go inside this time and how special that is. We told them the temple had not yet been dedicated and asked if they knew what that meant. Aubrey was thrilled to answer, she told us "It mean it hasn't been given to the Lord yet." I was so proud. I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to explain it, so her answer was perfect. We particularly loved the celestial room, that was every one's favorite (it has a gorgeous, gigantic chandelier) except Gavin who liked the baptistery because of the rhinoceroses (he would NOT be convinced that they were oxen...oh well). Anyway, great family activity and they give you cookies afterward, what more could you ask for. If you want to make reservations for your family, follow the link below.


What is going on Hair?

OK, so last night I was getting ready to go to mutual. I had just finished doing my hair and was heading out when I smelled something weird in the bathroom. I carefully made my way toward that room, and the stench became more prevalent the closer I got. I entered to find that someone, maybe a wicked warlock (but more likely a one year old boy) had maneuvered my curling brush off the counter, turned it on (yes, I forgot to unplug it in my hurry to go), and threw it in the toilet. (Thankfully said child was not hurt in any way during this mishap). The thing was fried to a crisp. Completely useless.

So, this morning, nasty hair and all, I made my way to the store to purchase a new curling brush. This was supposed to be a simple errand to fix my haystack hair problem. No such luck. They did have one kind of curling brush, but not the kind I have been using for the past 20+ years...never mind that I have purchased curling brushes at this store before (notice the lack of name of the store so as to avoid any possible advertising for them...I'll show them to not carry my curling brush!!!..ok, so they won't really care and I will probably be back there again next week). So, I buy the kind they have (the one and only kind they have) and go home only to find this is a brush with a weird blow dryer like feature inside, so it doesn't work at all like what I am used to. I am trying to grow my hair out so it is already hard to manage and now I have to try to learn to use this abnoxious new hair monstrosity that passes as a "curling brush" in name only (if you ask me). Oh well, such is life. It could be worse, he could have thrown my toothbrush in the toilet too.

(Proof that even if he can be a terror, he is still adorable)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dont' Take the Monkey

I can feel guilty about anything, and I often do (Josh says I am the Queen of Guilty). It is not difficult for me to figure out a way to make things my fault somehow. Josh often has to be the one to listen to my frustrations about how things with kids or callings or whatever are going and he has a favorite saying. He says "DON'T TAKE THEIR MONKEY." What he means is, don't take on other people's problems, don't take responsibility for things that are caused by other people etc. This is a lesson that I am trying to take to heart (so far, it is stuck in my esophagus...but it is on its way). This week has been a prime example, several things have gone on that have caused me great frustration (and therefore some guilt...originally) . I take the blame, then end up feeling weighed down. Josh talked me through it and reminded me to leave other people's ugly, hairy, fat, flea-ridden monkey's alone. So now(after a couple of days of letting it all sink in), I don't feel bad about other people's issues, and I can take these frustrations in a useful direction (hopefully), rather than taking it all on myself. I am really grateful for the man that I married. He is wonderful, and really perfect for me. Where would I be without him (answer: I'd be covered in monkeys).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Uh, Oh...the "BIG" primary

Tomorrow will be Gavin's first day in the "BIG" primary (meaning he is graduating from nursery). He is petrified. It took us nearly a year to be able to drop him off in nursery without him screaming and crying for us not to leave him. We know the nursery teachers really well (so we know he wasn't being tortured or anything) and they were very patient. This past few months he actually looks forward to going to "his toy class."

But now it is time to move on and he is coming unglued again. We have been trying to prep him for weeks talking about what a big boy he is and how lucky he is to be in the same primary as Parker, Aubrey and Bryce...but all to no avail. Today there was a primary breakfast so the kids could meet their new teachers before class tomorrow. You would have thought Gavin was being munched on by flesh eating beetles the way he reacted. It was ridiculous (and, if I am really honest, a little bit funny) to watch. Man, I wish I had gotten that on video. We kept him home from the activity to give the primary leaders a reprieve for one more day. Tomorrow should be fun.

Monday, Jan 5...Update: Well, I couldn't hear any screaming from where I was in the church. Gavin said he did shed some tears, but he came home with a crown and a smile. Hopefully next week will go as well.
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