...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, January 29, 2010

They're 5 for 5

Ok, so after my last (possibly inappropriate...sorry if anyone was offended) post, I am headed in a completely different direction today.

This Sunday will be my youngest brother's mission farewell (I know, I know, they don't call them that anymore). I get to sing with all four of my brothers (which I love to do) and my kids get to sing with their cousins. They have been practicing for a couple of weeks now and I think they are doing great (see for yourself below). The verses of "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" are both so similar it has been hard for the kids to keep them straight, but they have worked hard and are looking forward to Sunday.

With Joel ready to head out to serve his mission this makes all five of my parent's five children that have either served an honorable mission or been sealed in the temple. I have incredible parents who have put their whole hearts into helping their children become the best that they can. I am grateful for their righteous example and their love, work ethic, and even sense of humor (although I didn't find it funny when my dad compared my prom dress to a football jersey because of the shoulder pads...but, that's my dad). I feel awfully blessed to have my parents.

Finally, my sister in law sent me this and I LOVE IT!!!! So true...

In case you didn't know...

All women are angels.

And when someone breaks our wings...

we simply continue to fly...

on a broomstick.

After all, we are flexible.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WARNING!!! This Post may be PG-13 rated

Ok, you know those erectile dysfunction commercials that are all over TV...I don't understand how it is absolutely essential that if you have an erection lasting four hours you IMMEDIATELY get to the hospital. Four hours? So if it lasts 3:47 you are fine, but if you hit four hours you better sprint your behind in for medical attention right this second. Isn't that kind of a GIGANTIC window of time. "This erection is lasting a long time, honey." "No worries, it has only been three hours and fifty-two minutes, things are just fine." vs "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH I have had this erection for four hours and two minutes, I need immediate medical attention two minutes ago!!!!" I guess that is why I never became a doctor, this makes no sense to me.

On the same topic, when I worked for First Health (medical insurance company) I always wondered who decides how many Viagra (or the like) pills someone gets to have per month. Insurance only covers a certain # of prescription pills for a person per month and it used to be determined individually, what a job to choose how many opportunities a guy gets in a month.

Just a thought.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Grocery Shopping...the final frontier

I am a stay at home mom. I love that, and I will do anything I can to never have that change. That being said, Josh is a school teacher and so our funds are not as plump as we would like (I am not complaining, it is just a fact of life).

Today is my shopping day. I only enter the store once a week (if at all possible) so that there are no chances for additional impulse buying. We have a strict budget and so I have to go over the shopping list several times adjusting and trimming to get things to add up correctly. Honestly, I don't hate that part. I LOOOOOOOVE a challenge, and that is what grocery shopping is for me. It is like the store is screaming "I DARE YOU TO BUY ADORABLE BABY/KID CLOTHES OR UNNECESSARY TOYS OR AMAZING GADGETS THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IMMEASURABLY UNTIL THEY BREAK IN NINE DAYS....MWAHAHAHA!!!" But I get to look at the receipt as I leave and smile smugly to myself as I have managed to make it out again under the budgeted amount (mostly, once in a while I end up scolding myself when I end up a few dollars over because "did we really NEED that" or whatever).

God knew what he was doing when he handed out the attitude allotments before we came here. I got myself a nice, big helping of stubbornness and, although it can cause annoyance sometimes for my husband, it has come in really handy because I don't give up easily. I tend to take on a "you can't beat me" sort of feeling and it really helps me through.

I guess mostly what I am saying is that although money is tight (understatement of the world...ok things could be a lot worse) I feel really blessed with the life that I have and I really wouldn't change it for anything. It is like that tale you hear every now and then where if all the people in the room dumped their problems into a pile to pick new ones, most of us would see everyone elses and happily pick up the ones we came in with.

There are some really good reasons that I don't mind being scrimping and struggling to make ends meet. Six of them in particular. A half dozen reasons to smile and count my blessings every single day. I get to share in the life of these amazing people and my job is to watch them learn and grow and do my best to help them become the most incredible people they can. What more could I ask for?

Oh, and I get to teach them to blow raspberries. Super fun!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleep That Knits the Raveled Sleeve of Care...Maybe for you, Shakespeare!!!

Sleep. Should be easy. Not so much.

Ellie used to sleep through the night. I used to love that. For the last several weeks she wakes up at random points in the night and when Josh or I go in to check on her she is smiling this adorable "Hey, you came!! Want to play?" face up at us (or that is what it seems like, I don't actually see really clearly at 3:00 am). I feel pretty good when I get the binki back in her mouth in less than four attempts and then hope that she can fall back to sleep while I trudge back to my bed.
(Ellie, sleeping with her bow over her eyes)

It is not unusual for _______ (insert any DeMoux child's name here...except Bryce) to come into our room at night and pull up a throw pillow and sleep on the floor. This can be dangerous for Josh when he gets up in the morning. If I can't really see in the early hours, he is much worse off because he can't see at any hour until he gets his contacts in...also, it is very dark when he gets up. He has, on several occasions, nearly broken his neck tripping on a blanket wrapped youngster who has deposited himself/herself on the floor near the edge of our bed. Mostly, as long as he doesn't scream too loudly on the way down, it is alright...I don't want him to wake me up.

Finally, last night Parker had a bad dream. It scared him enough that it woke him up and put him in tears. I only found out about this when I got up this morning because his big brother, Bryce, heard him crying, got out of bed to find out what was wrong, comforted the nightmare ridden boy. Then Bryce invited Parker to come to bed with him so that PJ wouldn't be scared anymore. I couldn't be more proud.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Because I Don't Want to end up in Sing Sing

Ok, so Wednesday I took a trip to Shopko. They were having some HUGE clearance sales on kids clothes and we almost always need something so I went. While there I bought a size 2T girls coat set because the one we had when Aubrey was little is now invisible so I can't find it and the coat was only $9, and it is super cute. It came with a hat and scarf as well.

When I got home I found that we had magically ended up with two scarves, not just the one I think was intended to be with the coat. I am sure a scarf fell on the floor (you know what a mess clearance racks can be) and someone just picked it up and plopped it on whatever coat was closest. My initial thought was "Great, now Aubrey can have one too," quickly followed by, "And you say what to her...'Here is a bonus scarf that I accidentally stole from the store and you get to have it...you are soooo lucky!'" NO WAY!!! I do not need to feel guilty every time I see my daughter wear a winter neck warmer.

So, I packed up the kids and made another trip to Shopko to return the superfluous scarf. The lady looked at me funny, Josh laughed and told me I was weird, but I felt better, and that is what counts.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Life with kids around can be crazy, but they can also be awfully entertaining. Just tonight we hard a couple of gems here at home.
Gavin, during bedtime, "Mom, when did you pick me up from Jesus?" and also "Mom, my stomach is telling me that I'm not tired yet."
Soon followed by...
Logan, saying prayers with Dad...Dad:"We're thankful for the gospel." Logan (repeating): "We're thankful for the golf balls."
And then, Ellie taking her vitamins (or rather, trying not to).
Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blissfully Toasty

Today the temperature in the house is decadent!!! It makes me happy.

Generally speaking, I am almost always cold. I always have been. Whether it stems from too sedentary a lifestyle or slight anemia or possible past alien abduction, I don't know, but I am always cold and I HATE it!! Josh, on the other hand, is always hot (besides just being devilishly handsome...I am talking about his internal thermostat). Therefore, our house is usually chilly to me because if I turn up the heat, he fries (besides, it is a lot easier to fix "too cold"--add a sweater-- than "too hot"--run around naked...goodness, what would the neighbors say?).

However, Josh is currently in school (he is taking classes, not just his regular teaching gig) so he won't be home until about 9:00 pm so today I am indulging myself (and hopefully not running up the gas bill too much) and the house sits at a blissful 73 degrees. I am in heaven.

Also, the baby is growing and becoming more adorable by the day.
That is all.

P.S. Have a great day!
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