...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Teaching DeMoux Children Not to Drown

As I mentioned last post, the kids have been in swimming lessons. Like the story of the three bears, we have three different levels of bravery when it comes to our swimmers (hot, cold, just right???). We decided to show that off a bit.

This is the "regular" version of jumping off the diving board...what you would expect. Good job, buddy. Great swimming!

This is the extreme version, five year old jumping off the high dive (less extreme since he has done it every year since age 2...Really, what kind of parents let a 2 year old jump off the high dive??)

(Here he is at two years old jumping off the high dive).

Then we have our little princess...ok, her video just won't upload so pretend you see a little girl walking to the end of the board and then crying and wailing until the teacher comes on the board and lowers her gently down into the water to another teacher. Her performance is completely unique, and not quite what we hoped for. She has managed to jump off the diving board in the past, and even enjoyed it. Guess you can never really count on what you will get from kids.
Children definitely keep life interesting. We'll see how it goes with a half dozen of them, we're looking forward to the adventure.


Manda Jane said...

They are so brave! I LOVED swimming lessons when I was little but I still can't do the high dive lol

The Whitmer's said...

While I have some memories of those young ages, I don't remember what my first jump was like. All I know is that I was much older before I ever dared jump off the high dive. I can see Parker jumping cliffs at Powell in the near future. Way to go little kids.

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