...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, December 31, 2012

How to be a slacker blogger in two easy steps:

It's easy to become a slacker blogger.  Anyone can do it, it just takes a bunch of preparation and then a huge lack of effort.  In two simple steps you too can become a slacker blogger.

First, write new stuff on your blog several times a week for some number of years.

Then, don't write anything for like two weeks or something. 

Ta Da!!

Slacker blogger.  You can really go all out by also not taking more than a handful of pictures throughout the last couple weeks of Christmas so  you actually don't have much to show either.  Yeah, that's awesome!

Congratulations.  Slacker blogger extraordinaire!

Just kidding, so actually life has been wild of late, but that's true for just about everyone during the holidays so I'm not really trying to make excuses for not logging on so much as I'm just stating facts.

Life has been interesting, but to be honest, I have been loving this cocooned with my family feeling that is going on around here right now.  I love spending all day with my kidlets (although, as always, I could do without the fighting and messes).  I love having their friends over to play and listening to them chat about back to school and future plans and all that jazz.  It has been fabulous...mostly.

Anyway, so we've had loads of snow which has meant loads of frozen fingers and hot chocolate.  Logan has really taken to making snowmen on his own.  Here is one of his creations (this one took a lot of work because this was a really dry snow and didn't pack well, but he didn't give up).

We also celebrated the birth of our favorite nine year old on the planet!  Love you PJ!

Then it was Christmas (well, there were other adventures in there but since I didn't take pictures I really have no proof of our escapades).

  Everyone was very happy with his or her new treasures...

Except for Ellie who decided to be sick.  She woke up Sunday night (the 23rd) throwing up so that was fun.  By morning she was no longer throwing up (oh, that was a fun night, but Josh was amazing and daddied his way to fame in my book) but she was achy and tired and ornery as a wet hornet!  She sat on my lap most of the 24th and we figured she would be feeling much better by Christmas.  No dice.  She didn't willingly eat anything for three days (pushy moms will manage to get food in tummies one way or the other, but Ellie never volunteered to ingest edibles).
By the night of the 24th she was still feeling pretty rotten but no doctors are really open then.  Also, they aren't really open on Christmas day (and I don't really blame them...doctors are people too).  So we didn't get Ellie in to be seen until the 26th at which point we were told she had the flu (geez, good thing we got flu shots a month ago) (ok, that's me being sarcastic, it is actually a good thing because she could have been much worse if she hadn't had that injection).
She's slowly been making her way back to healthy for the rest of this past week, although she's made frequent stops at tired and even more at ornery.  Yeah, three year olds can get whiny and unreasonable when they don't feel well. 
Then we painted the living room.  That's what happens when your spare paint goes all gross and you can't seem to match the color right.  Nice.  Thanks to credit card point we were able to use gift cards to buy paint so we spent almost nothing on this project.  Happy Christmas to us!  Well, I love the new finish so I guess it all worked out in the end. 

With one grumpy littlest girl and a matching ornery littlest boy I'm sure New Years will be loads of fun tonight.  Maybe we'll all just go to bed early and start fresh in the morning.  Sounds like a plan to me.
Or, maybe we'll play games and watch movies and eat ice cream and just remember that we love each other and that we like to spend time together as we tip toe our way to 2013.  Yeah, that works too.
Slacker blogger, signing out.

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