...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, February 10, 2014

The drama of curlers

On Saturday night we put curlers in Ellie's hair to sleep on so her hair would be curly and cute for church on Sunday.  She was fine with this plan...until the curlers were actually engaged.  Then she DIED!

Why?  Was it the uncomfortable feel or the awkward idea of sleeping on curlers?


She was bothered because she looked silly with curlers on her head.

She threw a tantrum.  Like a knock down, drag out, flailing and all the like type tantrum.

I might have been sympathetic if it hadn't been for the tantrum.  But when someone behaves like that in our house I am much less likely to give in (I am not in the business of rewarding obnoxious behavior by caving to a tantrum).  Our little pixie refused to talk to us or calm down at all.  So, Ellie was eventually sent to bed in tears.

When we went in to talk to her a little while later we found a tiny girl on the very precipice of sleep (one great thing about crying is it tends to wear out our small ones) but we also found a couple of other surprises.

Ellie had put a blanket over her head so that the curlers would be covered and no one could see them (that's what she told us when we asked).

She also set up this little number to block her bedroom mirror so that she wouldn't have to see herself.  

Oh my gosh, we laughed!  What a miniature nutcase/diva.

Everything changed the next morning when we took the curlers out and she got to see her hair all curly and cute for church.  Now she is a convert and told me she wants to put curlers in her hair every week for Sunday.

Silly little pixie.

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Suzanne said...

How cute is that.She is adorable.

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