...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My hard working husband

This is me with my favorite person on Earth.

He's pretty amazing.  Let me tell you about is latest feat of awesomeness.

These pictures show how Josh spent the day before his birthday.

Picture #1 which shows (in the background) the way our patio used to look.  Ignore the messy, overgrown vegetables and instead notice the wasted 10 foot wide swath of grass hanging out between the patio stones and the garden.

Picture #2 which shows our newly extended patch of patio taking the stones right up to the garden (well almost) and giving us more space for entertaining, family events, etc.

Poor Josh had to maneuver and place every single one of those patio stones and they are BUGGERS!  believe me.  They weigh close to 50 lbs a piece and are 2 ft x 2 ft so they are pretty awkward and tough to handle.  Also, while they are WONDERFUL (thanks soooo much kind friends who make them with leftover cement from completed jobs and then let people you know benefit from them) they -- the stones that is -- are rough and not perfectly uniform in depth so Josh has to do smidging and adjusting to get them to sit flush (or pretty flush).  

Anyway, the point is, the day before his birthday my sweetheart spent hours hauling and placing really heavy stones so that I could have an extended patio.  He worked and worked to get it all in before rain starts falling and turned our area emptied of grass to a mud pit.  See, he's also a smarty pants.

He is such a sweetheart.  I love him to bits and I am grateful every moment of every day that he was born.

Love you JKD.  You're my favorite.  Have a fabulous birthday today!

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mormongrandpablogger said...

I think those blocks weigh much more than 50lbs. Probably more like 80-90 . He's a good man and well worth the effort you took to catch him. :-)

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