...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DeMouxs do donuts (falls)

This week we decided to make our outing a little less intense than we have done other weeks so we decided on Donut Falls.

I hadn't been there since I was a teenager and apparently there was a big rock slide between then and now so things looked a bit different than I remembered, but it was still a great area and a fun afternoon.

Anyway, we parked the car and off we went (this really is a short little jaunt up to the falls, although it was vaguely steep in a couple spots for our youngest members, but only for very short periods).

While we were walking up to the falls, Logan suddenly called out, "Mom, is that a horse?"

I looked at something very horse-like only to discover it was actually a moose maybe 20 yards off the trail.  I quietly pointed it out to the other kids, but the moose didn't really like us being there and turned toward our crew looking fairly ominous, so we scuttled away but quick not wanting to be trampled to death.  That always puts a damper on a good hike.

Horse-Moose before he chased us away.

We did soon make it to the falls in all in one piece.  Hooray!

We carefully picked our way across the river (it is a watershed area after all and we want to be respectful of the environment).

After a bit of maneuvering (Ellie had a rough time of things because she is sometimes a little bit chicken about climbing) we made it to the top and had an up close and personal view of the falls.  Fabulous!

The kids loved scampering around on the rocks.  Josh was worried (I am normally the worryer in the bunch but when it comes to mountains and exploring Josh turns his stress-o-meter to the max and far outdoes me...I am a bit more, lets call it, adventurous so it is probably good Josh is there to balance me out or we probably would have had severely injured children and wife a good long time ago).

Anyway, great trip.  Good for all ages and most skill levels.  What a great adventure for the fam!

Just ignore the random purple shirted pre-schooler in the back of this picture and pretend it is just my family.


kookdivall said...

It was fun seeing you on the trail!

mormongrandpablogger said...

Bryce doesn't seem very happy. Was it his day to be the "grumpy teen?"

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