...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, April 13, 2015

A brief run in with a bidet

While we were traveling toward Branson over spring break we decided to stop at a gas station just over the Iowa/Nebraska border.  

We trundled inside and took turns at the individual, closet style bathrooms.

These bathrooms were really really clean and well kept (not so much the norm in gas station bathrooms).  Seriously, they were immaculate.  They also boasted swanky toilets with heated seats and even a bidet feature (very very similar to the throne below). Ooooh, fancy.

When it was our turn, Ellie and I went into the room and closed and locked the door (I don't normally leave Ellie alone in a strange bathroom...I get paranoid about, you know, things). 

Well, astute little sprite that she is, she recognized that this toilet was different than any others we have encountered before.  She asked me what the buttons were for and I did a quick explanation about water spray and the like then turned my back and faced the wall so she could do her business in relative solitude.

But no business happened.

There was a surprising lack of tinkling sounds which normally come with a potty break.  When I started to hear sniffling I decided it was time to investigate so I turned back to my baby girl.

And she was crying.

I asked her what was wrong.  She looked up at me with these leaky, cow eyes and bellowed, "I DON'T WANT TO SIT ON THAT TOILET!  I'M SCARED IT IS GOING TO SPRAY ME!!"

So, I stifled my laughter and explained to her that this fancy toilet would definitely leave her alone as long as she didn't push any of the buttons.  I promised that she would come out alive...and un-sprayed.

She was skeptical, but decided to be brave.  We did have a tense moment when her hand brushed the control panel as she started to get up and lights came on and the thing beeped, but -- no worries -- no errant fountains erupted on our watch.

When she was done and all put back together and washed and everything else, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and felt much better.

And that's when she plastered on her most sneaky smile and asked if she could push all the buttons while I sat on the toilet.  

Troublesome little pixie.

We both left the bathroom without an up close encounter with the bidet function, but we were both smiling.  Guess that's what counts.  

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