...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My sweet baby girl

A couple of days ago Josh and I went on a walk around the neighborhood.  This is something that I love to do and something that Josh endures because he loves me (thanks honey).

While we were out, we were flagged down by a man who attends church with us.  He called us over to his car and told us he wanted to tell us something about one of our kids.  This always puts me on edge because one never knows which direction a story about her offspring might go (we've experienced many versions on this scenario).

He told use that last week at church (which was Mother's Day) he'd had an experience with our daughter.  Our family was sitting in front of him.  In the middle of the meeting the young men and adult men of our ward went up to the front to sing a hymn as a gift to the mothers (it was actually really sweet, I'm a fan).  Our friend behind us stood to go up to the front, but then found that he was too emotionally overwhelmed to sing with the group (his wife passed away a few years ago and Mother's Day is still a tender day for him).  He sat back down and a few tears streaked down his face while he listened to the song.

Unbeknownst to me, Ellie noticed this.  

Our friend also recently told us that he met his wife at
the Grand Canyon so this picture seemed fitting.
So, she set about making it better.  She drew a picture of herself and this gentleman together with a sunshine and flowers and she wrote, "I like you a lot, from Ellie" in her best kindergarten handwriting.  Then she put it in an envelope (heaven knows where she came up with an envelope during sacrament meeting) and handed it back to the man behind us.

Neither Josh nor I had any idea that any of this had gone one.  But as our friend told us about this from the driver's seat of his car, choked up so much he could barely talk and tears streaming his cheeks, I was so grateful for that little girl.

He told us that he had really needed a little bit of love that day.  He told us that he felt more touched by that one tiny act than by almost anything in a long time.  He told us that the love of a six year old completely turned his day around and that he had the picture hanging up in his house and didn't plan to take it down any time soon.

I was grateful that he took the time to tell us about this.  I am thankful that our little girl would see beyond herself and look to the needs of another person.  I am grateful that both of these people would be examples of kindness and caring and tenderness and that I got to see it all up close and personal.

If I am honest, I an constantly amazed by my little people (usually in good ways).  I am grateful to be their mom because I learn more from them than I think I could ever possibly teach them.  They make me a better person every day.

Yeah, moments like this are a very sweet payday.

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