...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's play!

So we've been playing some games lately that have been a lot of fun and I thought I would tell you about them.  We love games at our house and these two have quickly become favorites.
First of all, we've been playing round after round of Cranium Hullabaloo.  We first found this game five or six years ago but after someone threw the voice box in the full bathtub it sort of put a damper on our play (it's hard to follow garbled instructions).  Well, lucky me, I found the game at a local second hand store this past fall and knew my youngest kids would love it for Christmas so I snatched it up.
Not only do my youngest sweethearts love the game (which involves dancing, crawling, leaping to pads with different colors and pictures and then naming a winner based on who is standing on the winning pad when time is up) but my oldest sweethearts are also quick to jump into a game as well.  It's pretty fun to watch my entire crew jaunt around the room laughing and playing together.
(Honestly, I've never been disappointed with a Cranium game that I've purchased for my family.  Most of them have come from DI -- make sure you check that pieces are all there -- but from Cadoo to Cariboo {don't pay $159 for it like this site lists, that would be ridiculous} we have loved them all.)
This holiday also taught us about another new game which has quickly become a favorite.  I'd never played Reverse Charades before but now I love it.  It does take a group to play, but since I have a ready made group living right under my own roof that hasn't been a problem.
In this game the entire team acts things out for the one designated guesser and tries to get that person to guess as many cards as possible in the allotted time limit.  It gets pretty crazy, and pretty hilarious.  You may want to have your video camera readily available because it is fun to watch these antics later (some lighthearted teasing may result).
My brother and sister in law unknowingly each bought this game for the other for Christmas (guess they really do know each other well) and they very kindly donated their bonus set to us after they finished laughing. However, there is no box set required to do this. My extended family played Reverse Charades by just writing things on papers and pulling them out of a box the other night.  It was pretty awesome to see my adult brothers suddenly fall to the floor and jiggle wildly while pretending to be bacon.  Good times.
Anyway, we love games and these are a couple of our favorites at the moment.  Do you have a fabulous game we should try?  I'd love to hear about it. 

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