...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Speaking of heroes...

Ok, so I told you we did a family home evening about heroes on Monday.  Well, yesterday we had our own personal super hero swoop in to save the day right before our very eyes.

It snowed on Monday so when Bryce got home from school I dragged him with me to check on a couple of ladies in the neighborhood who cannot shovel their own driveways.  We did a bit of snow removal and then headed for home.  I went to grab the mail and asked him to get the shovels out of the back of the Suburban and put them away.  I took the mail inside while he was doing this.

Well, Bryce sort of forgot the part where you close the back hatch on the Suburban nice and tight after removing the shovels.  Simple mistake.

But when I went to start the car the next morning to take the elementary kids to school and then go see my favorite GI for an appointment I found that said Suburban would not start.  The battery was dead.  I quickly realized what had happened, shoveled the kids out into the cold to walk to school, called the doctor to cancel my visit and settled in for a quiet day at home. 

When Josh got home we towed the Suburban out of the driveway and then jumped it. 

Success!!  The car was running again.
It started fine. I ran it for a few minutes and came back out a bit later to make sure it still started, but I didn't run it long like I should have and I paid for that the next morning.

Because when I came out to take the kids to school, SURPRISE!  The Suburban battery was dead again.  So we stayed home.  Again.  Now we had two days worth of errands piling up around us and Logan had to miss pre-school.  Josh had to work that night so I called my dad to see if he could come help me after work (he's a seminary teacher so he has a schedule similar to school schedules). 

My super hero dad came over during nap time when he had a break.  He brought me is battery charger (that way I could keep in on hand for a while in case I needed it again).  We hooked it up and he headed off.  I set my timer so I would try the battery at regular intervals until I got it going.

Then I made cookies. 

Then there was a knock at my door.  It was my dad again.  I was surprised.  He had gone to the auto parts store and purchased a new battery for my car.  The currently lifeless battery was five years old and my dad decided it would be better to just replace the argumentative, uncooperative one with a flashy, new model. 

So there he stood, in his church clothes stumbling through our tool box to install a new battery.  I felt so incredibly grateful.  I feel awfully blessed to have a dad like that.  He is pretty amazing.  I told you he was a super hero.  Thanks, Dad, for saving my day.

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