...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This weekend, Josh and I took a trip to Ikea.  Now, I normally I avoid Ikea at all costs because it is a store full of ideas and those normally translate to dollar signs so it is safer if I just stay out.

Unfortunately, our two oldest boys (who share a bedroom) have been doing this whole "growing" thing this last few years and their clothes no longer fit in the one six drawer dresser that we have provided them to share (we did try the whole "just hand some stuff in your closet" plan for a while but that resulted in piles of clothes stashed on the floor and under the bed because they refuse to play along...score one for the boys).

Anyway, we schleped to Ikea to purchase an appropriate dresser because their dressers are sturdier (by far) than the rotten K-Mart do it yourself furniture, but less costly than something similar from RC Willey or the like. 

And, Voila!

New dresser for Parker (as you can see, he has already moved in and made himself at home all over this thing).  No more bursting drawers because each boy has a space big enough to hold his clothes.

Mission accomplished.


But then there is that whole cute idea thing.

Stupid Ikea.

While we were there we saw a display of spice racks that were tacked near beds to form a quick and easy book shelf for children.  Yeah, I've seen this one all over Pinterest and I have always loved it, but the last time I was at Ikea (more than a year ago) they didn't have any spice racks in stock so I came out budget intact.

No such luck this day, this time there were plenty.  So I bought some. (Where is your self control, woman?)

We are big readers around here and have lost not a few books to kids rolling all over them after falling asleep while reading (this also resulted in a "no library books on beds" rule around our place).  This little project seems like the perfect solution.  I love it.  

Insert dollar sign here. 

 Besides being big readers, my kids also love to draw and paint.

No worries, Ikea has a solution for that too.  We came home with a couple of self contained paint sets perfect for budding artists and this wonderful paper dispenser (this thing has been GREAT for us so far).  The kids love using big papers and this baby quenches that thirst for them.

But wait, there's more!  (Curse you Ikea!)

Our oldest daughter has been without a bedside table for a while because she isn't allowed to have one with a drawer or closed cupboard (it's a long story and one I think she would rather I didn't tell).  While perusing the store I saw this little, wooden side table and thought it would be perfect for our need in her room.  Josh put it together and I set her up to paint the same color as her bedroom walls and she did a good job.

Last, but not least, we found a lovely sale on a bookshelf and since Aubrey's bookshelf was one of those Sauder put it together yourself glorified cardboard pieces (they are probably great for someone, but they can't stand the pressure of a house full of children) it was literally falling apart.  Lucky us, Ikea had a fabulous book shelf/ curio shelf just for us.  We already own two of these babies and they are nice and sturdy and we love them.  Sigh, lets bring that guy home too.

Notice how Aubrey has books stacked two rows deep in order to
leave room for her doll hotel.  Silly girl.  Guess it's a good thing it's a
big bookshelf.
Add to that the wedding gift that we snagged for that evening, several boxes of cute, spaceship bandages (we always need inexpensive bandages around here) and we called it a day.

Ikea, I love you and hate you at the same time.  I probably won't be back for another year or two, but thanks for sharing your treasures with me anyway.

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