...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Super Party

So, a while ago it was Gavin's birthday.
I am not the kind of mom to be tied to convention when it comes to proximity of parties to actual birth dates (or, life was busy and I'm only just now getting to it -- my poor, neglected offspring) so we had his party last weekend.  As long as we're talking unconventional, I also don't throw a party for every child every year.  It just gets too overwhelming for me (I am not a partying kind of gal).  We have smaller family parties most years and then on banner age changes (like 8 or 12) we throw a bigger event and invite a few friends (mostly just people in school classes or the list gets too long) to join in the fun.
Gavin decided on a super hero themed party, which was ultra convenient because a lady Josh works with just happened to give him a bunch of decorations for just such a party that she used for a school event and was going to throw away.  I've always loved hand-me-downs.
So, we decked our house all super hero-y and off we went.
I'm not exactly artistic so the kids get stuck with what I CAN do, however, I think my Batman, Spiderman, Captain America cupcakes turned out alright (for an uber-amateur).
Once the kids got home from school, it was out in the yard for games (12 boys in the house is just too much for our tiny little abode).
We ran balls of plutonium across the yard before they could explode (no touching with your hands of course, that stuff can be dangerous! -- or, so I hear, I've actually never met any in real life).
 Then we ran a relay race that involved knocking stuff around with an inflatable Thor hammer (which was also a huge hit -- ha ha ha, hit -- during duck-duck-goose later as well)...

Spraying a villain with silly string, and maneuvering a few obstacles before tagging your next team mate to head off and do the same thing.  We ran the even several times an had a lot of fun.

Finally we brought down the house with a snappy game of Heavy Heavy Hang Over and Gavin got to open gifts (I used to not have kids open presents while their friends were around to try to save feelings if one present wasn't as well loved as another, but long ago learned that kids LOOOVE to see the reaction of the gift recipient so instead I just prep my kids to be pleased with EVERY gift they receive no matter what it is).
Last of all, candles and cake...or cup cake cake as the case may be and home they went.
It was a lively afternoon, but the kids had a great time and Gavin came away feeling very happy so it was a success if you ask me.
Hooray for birthdays!

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