...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, February 16, 2015

A little Provo museum fun

This weekend we decided to take advantage of time off of school (for everyone except Josh) and head out on a little adventure.
Sadly, our two oldest yea-hoos had basketball and babysitting gigs so they were not available to come with us.  

Which left us with a few empty spots in our suburban and we couldn't stand that so we invited a few friends to come on our expedition with us (namely my parents and my cutie pie nephew, Hayden).  It was a fun day.

We loaded up the car and headed south toward Provo to spend the morning at the Monte L. Bean museum

The museum is free to the public and still pretty cool (and has been remodeled since the last time we were there a few years ago).  It makes for the perfect way to spend family time away from the house.

Yes, we could be a 'fowl' display of our very own. 

Yikes. those puppies are tall!

Fun in Africa.

This interactive ant display was a big favorite with the kidlets.

Some people needed Grandpa's magic touch to get the hang of this activity.

Yup, that'll take off your fingers (I promise they weren't touching the thing, just
pretending to lose their digits).

Pokemon battle poses with fancy nature background.

Um, I'm not sure how often that really happens in nature
but it still looks pretty wild.
 And after spending time in the museum, nothing ends an outing more perfectly than a walk across the street to the BYU creamery for an ice-cream cone (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  Mmmmmm.  Good stuff!

I'm glad our bonus friends came with us, it was a really fun day!  If you are looking for something fun (and free) to do, this is a great idea!

Our group of kids on a slide in the little play area.

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