...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving -- and all the leftovers

I'm a little bit slow, but Thanksgiving was wonderful so I thought I'd tell you all about it.

It is very hard not to be thankful when you are surrounded by such incredible people.  Not only do we have a new house this year (which is a perfect fit for our family), but we also have good neighbors, good friends, and good extended family, working cars, plenty-o-food, a ratty old dog, a heater, all the water we want and on and on and on.  And while Thanksgiving (to me) is much more about who you are (are you the type that is grateful no matter what -- something I'm working on) than about what you have (although those are probably the easiest blessings to recognize) it is still great to take a day and be reminded of all that is good and beautiful in life.

Besides, turkey is delicious!

Due to some odd circumstances, this year our family ended up doing Thanksgiving on our own in our new house and (spoiler alert) it was WoNdErFuL!!!

The kitchen table we had ordered on October 24 finally showed up at our house on November 23 (of course, the delivery types had told me they would arrive between 5-7 pm that day, and at 2:15 pm while we were at the dollar theater to see a movie I got a text telling me they would be at our house in 20 minutes so Josh scrambled out of the theater and barely beat the delivery truck to our house and only because they took a wrong turn in our neighborhood and lucky for the rest of us my mom lives across the street from the theater because Josh wasn't back when the movie ended and it was snowy and cold outside so we schlepped over to her place to hang out until our ride arrived...but at least the table finally came!!!).

TA DA!  Table!

So, since it was our first Thanksgiving with just our crew, we decided to try to make it, ya know, kinda awesome.

We pulled out the china (which hasn't seen light of day in many years).  We decorated the table all fancy like.  We cooked all kinds of great grub.

And then we invited in the crew.

Oh, there was much nibbling, some slurping, and even a little bit of gobbling (and none of it came from the turkey cause dead turkeys tell no tales).

The next day (after we dabbled in Black Friday leftovers at a couple stores), we loaded everyone into our two smaller cars (because I had to bring Aubrey home early for a dance event) and started toward Huntington for my Grandpa's 90th birthday party.

However, as often happens, things did not go as planned.  A little bit into our drive, the "check tire pressure" light came on in Josh's car.  He pulled over the fill up the tire only to find that something had scraped a big hunk of rubber out of the side of the tire and there was a big crack in the tire side wall as well.


Good thing we had another car sitting patiently at home.

We did have to take a side trip to the recycling center at the dump before we left (because the Suburban was loaded with tons of  cardboard left from opening and assembling our new table) but eventually we emptied the junk, moved all the stuff from Josh's car to the Suburban and then we were on our way for real!

And soon enough we landed in Huntington where we got to celebrate the life of one of my favorite people on the planet with a bunch of my other favorite people on the planet.

And here they are so you can see what I mean.

After breakfast, Aubrey and I headed back to Salt Lake while Josh and the rest of the kidlets stayed to enjoy fun with cousins and a little bit of shooting in the dessert.  Good times!

And the holiday, for me, was exactly what it should be.  It was a wonderful week full of sweet moments and happy memories (and a handful of laughs and snarls for good measure).   

Life is good.  Family is incredible.  And when it really comes down to it, what else really matters?  

Hope your Thanksgiving was incredible.

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