...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, August 24, 2015


My kids regularly remind me that I am not exactly "hip" (which you can tell because I used the word "hip").  This is in no way a surprise to me.  I don't think I was ever particularly cool, even back in the day.  But sometimes I do things that really seal the deal and earn me an especially exaggerated eye roll.

One of  those came up this week.

I mentioned that my baby brother got married last Thursday.  Our family was in charge of making treats for the reception -- and I can do that -- but I realized I really didn't have much in the way of serving trays to use to transport and present these sweets.  In the past I have just covered a baking sheet with tinfoil and called it good, but that didn't exactly seem up to snuff for my brother's wedding.

So, being low on funds, I headed to DI (I know, I know, waaaay more classy) to see if I could find some serving trays that wouldn't cost a fortune.  And I did!  There were actually tons of great trays (I am not fully stocked on serving trays for the rest of my life...wait, no, I have children, they probably won't last that long).

However, after scoring big on trays I decided to meander the aisles and see if I could stumble upon any other treasures.

And I did.

Hidden on the bottom shelf of one aisle I spotted these two, unopened reams of 11x17 copy paper for $3.  


We use TOOOONS of paper around here for everything from homework to wall decorations and this is good stuff.

Then came the part where my kidlets rolled their eyes because it occurred to me that if I chopped all 1000 sheets of the 11x17 in paper in half I would magically acquire 2000 sheets of 8.5x11 paper which is printer sized and in high demand around this house.  

Double score!

So I busted out my paper cutter and started chopping.  I did not get even one single paper cut throughout the endeavor (that's a pretty big success if you ask me).  My kids made fun of me while I sat in the living room singing to myself as I sliced five(ish) sheets at a time (my paper cutter is not exactly industrial strength).  They said I was weird.  They said this project was silly.  They said I should just let them use the paper as it was.  But I didn't listen (although I might have prophesied that this is the kind of person they could become too if they stayed in school).  Despite the laughter, I kept at it.

And now I am the proud owner of a large mass of white copy paper in the perfect size for everything computer oriented.  But my kids think I'm a dork.

I still call that a win.


apple said...

You're so cute. I enjoy reading your blog. You're a great mom. :)

apple said...

You're so cute. I enjoy reading your blog. You're a great mom. :)

jerandi said...

Don't tell Fontella. I'll be wondering aimlessly from DI to DI. Trying to restock the church.

Aaron Vasquez said...

why wasnt your brothers wedding a temple wedding. that got me a little sad to be honest

Melissa DeMoux said...

Aaron, I appreciate your concern for my family, that is kind. There are just so many reasons why a couple might not head to the temple from the start. Hopefully, that is a goal that every LDS couple is working toward -- there is nothing better than an eternal family. After all, that's why we came to Earth, to choose to become part of God's eternal family by making and keeping covenants in life. But all of us are on different paths with different struggles and trials to work through. I am incredibly proud of my brother who married an amazing woman who was baptized into our faith only a few months ago. I know that as they involve the Lord in their marriage and move forward in love and trust they will be on the path toward the temple and when the appropriate time comes they will seal their union in God's holy house. I look forward to that day, but in the mean time I am so pleased that they are following the outline set by the Lord to begin a family together and I was thrilled to celebrate that sacred event with them. A wedding between two good people is a glorious thing. I am grateful they are beginning a life together with covenants to one another that will lead them toward faith, love, and happiness.

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