...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Put this Birthday on Ice

My oldest girl turned 10 this past month.

She was absolutely thrilled to plunge into double digits. 

Don't you just love that juice stained sleeping shirt...now that's classy.

We decorated the house with streamers and signs and all kinds of brightly colored things.

We had German pancakes for breakfast (we LOOOVE them, but instead of syrup we top them with sliced bananas, sprinkle with powdered sugar and then squeeze fresh orange juice over the top -- or use bottled/frozen orange juice in a pinch -- SUPER DELICIOUS!) and her plate glowed as one of the boys marched it over to her while we sang "Happy Birthday."

She opened her presents and delighted over each of them.  My heart smiled because each of my three oldest boys, in and of themselves with zero prodding from me, decided to buy her a present with their own money.  We made a special trip to All-a-Dollar just so they could find her something with their limited funds.  Their gifts ranged from fake fingernails to candy bars, but they were heartfelt and it was a wonderful thing to see.

We decided that ten years old called for a little celebration so Aubrey invited a few of her closest friends to go ice skating.  Josh took them skating (we often include the family in things like this but the thought of trying to manage a two, four and awkward six year old on the ice was not very enticing so I stayed home with our non-birthday children) and Aubrey talked him into strapping on skates and tottering around the ice (Josh looks pretty hilarious on roller skates and those are much more stable than ice skates and they don't involve a cold, slippery surface...I imagine he was pretty entertaining to watch, but he helped his daughter feel important and made the other kids feel less self conscious so I say he is a hero).

Aubrey has been loving her birthday gifts and has been drawing, playing and creating with her presents ever since her special day.  I'm grateful for everyone who helped her feel so amazing on her day.  She is such a wonderful girl (I'm not biased at all) and I'm incredibly grateful she was born (to still be pregnant 10 years later would be really weird). 

Hooray for birthday!

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The Whitmer's said...

So your boys used HER money to buy presents. I guess I would be excited also if that was the deal. Happy B-day Aubs and know we love you tons.

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