...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I have loved this past week

Lets skip the verbose introduction (I know, weird for me) and just get right to it.

Here are a bunch of things that made my last week very much worth living.
1. Kissing Josh (that's pretty much always my favorite)

2. Welcoming my baby brother home from his two year LDS mission in California (I asked him to pray in Californian at dinner that night...he didn't think I was funny, but I was laughing anyway.  He might just have been a tiny bit overwhelmed).

3. Listening to Ellie wander around my parent's house singing "I looooove my mommy...I have a vagina," over and over again (wouldn't my newly returned missionary brother have turned red if he had picked up on what she was actually saying).  Yup, we're all about anatomical correctness at our house, even with two year olds.

4. Watching Logan (age 4) giggle like crazy when he discovered that if you flip a number 6 flash card upside down it magically transforms into a number 9.  That's fun for the whole family.

5. Snuggling into Josh's chest (how is he always so warm?) to watch NCIS and then NCIS L.A. (which is not nearly as good, but is still passable so we put up with it).

6. Eating fettuccine alfredo with shrimp that Josh made all on his own (well mostly, he only had to call me for recipe clarification twice...but lets blame that on my bad handwriting).  Geezo I love that guy.

7. Warming my cold toes on Josh's very very warm belly (am I the only wife that does this?  It is heaven).

8.  Going grocery shopping and staying under my budget (way to go me!).

9. Watching my children thrill in the exciting world of the airport.

10.  Making beds on the floor beside my bed for three different children on three different nights.  Don't misunderstand, I don't love that my kidlets woke up scared or sick in the night, but I do love that just by being their mom I can give them comfort and confidence and that just by being next to me they can get some sleep (although if this were a constant occurrence I think I would quickly grow out of any reverence I have for it).  FYI on the 4th night I was preemptive and made a bed next to mine just in case, but no one came up that night.  Josh laughed at me the next morning.

(I know, you would think I would stop at 10 and not bother going on to 11 unless I planned to head clear up to 15 or 20, but no...I'm going for 11 just to be different.)

11. Seeing my crew of six get all excited at the sight of their father coming down the escalator to meet us at the airport and thinking how grateful I am that we get to be a family and that the sight of my sweetheart not only thrills me but thrills my children as well.  Combine that with my smooch when he caught up to us and I may just have had a new favorite moment of the week.  Fabulous.

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