...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Books on the Menu

Last week I had an incredible opportunity.  I was invited to attend a luncheon with Covenant Communications (a pretty big publisher of LDS books).  I felt pretty privileged to have the chance to go because I am just a cheesy little stay-at-home mom who occasionally writes book reviews. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to get away from my two youngest sweethearts and pick up my kindergartner since the meeting was in American Fork, but Josh swooped in to save the day (he does that for me).  He took the day off and completely spoiled the kids even more firmly securing his spot as "favorite parent."  I don't mind that, he's my favorite too so I can't really blame them.

So, this conference was aimed at bringing together book bloggers and authors to try to develop that relationship and lay footings to help the two work more closely (and smoothly) together. 

The woman in charge, Kelly Smurthwaite, is amazing.  I have worked with her a few times before as I've been writing for the Deseret News and I just think the world of her, but meeting her in person solidified that.  I'm not sure there is a sweeter (or cuter) person on the planet.  She was great.

Anyway, I am neither a book blogger nor an author per se, but since I do a fair number of book reviews for the Deseret News it was nice for me to be able to be there (thanks for letting me tag along).  I got to meet several authors that I have read like the wonderful Heather Moore, the very versatile Julie Wright and Sarah Eden, a favorite of my extended female family (her Regency romances are scrumptuous, you should try them). 

I also came home with a bag of treats...no, it wasn't candy..it was much better (unless you ask my two littlest ones because their sweet tooth is stronger than their literary desires for now...we're working on that).



I got to meet two out of three of these authors (do I sound sort of pathetic, I just happen to like to meet incredible people).  Kathi Peterson is an old pro in the writing business, but A.L. Sowards (aka "Amanda") is new to the field and is absolutely adorable.  It was great to get to chat with her, what a sweetheart (if you get a chance to meet her, you should do it, you'll like her).  I am excited to read her book (which is a WWII suspense novel). 

It was just so much fun to spend a couple of hours with women who love books as much as I do (OK, probably they love them even more, but I'm not sure I'm entirely willing to admit that).  I am always impressed when someone can manage to write an entire book.  Sometimes I have a hard time shaping 400-600 words into what I want for an article...to pull together 50,000 seems like an impossible task if you ask me.

It really was a great lunch and I'm grateful that I had the chance to be a part of it. 

(Also, take a peek at this cute video several of the authors put together about what it takes to write a book.)


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