...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just look at that potty...

Well, it's official


Yup, we have successfully taught six children how to not pee on seats and benches and have convinced them that it is a fabulous idea to deposit their soggy offerings in the bathroom instead.

To be completely honest I feel like the heavens smiled down on us because Ellie was just about our easiest child to potty train (p.s. I HATE potty training). She kind of forced me into the whole deal because if it had been up to me we wouldn't have started yet, but she has been fabulous. She has had very few accidents and it has been a dream come true.

The Potty Time™ Potty Watch® - Green
Some friends of ours dropped this baby off just a few days after we had started potty training. The potty watch can be set to sing a song every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to remind your little potty trainee to consider a trip to the privy. We LOOOOVE this thing. Ellie thinks she is awesome and it really does help her remember to go to the bathroom. (As a side note, the kids misplaced it one evening -- we take it off Ellie for bedtime so she doesn't wake up every 30 minutes all night long -- and we spent the next day hurrying into the living room every half hour to listen for the song and try to find the watch. After 4-5 attempts -- the thing only sings for a few seconds so you have to be quick -- we did finally find it hiding in my piano music. I didn't think to look there.)

So we can officially check "potty training the two year old" off the DeMoux family to do list.


(Now it's on the next challenge.)

Also, here is a favorite potty song at our house (I think it's hilarious and each of the kids have loved it in their time...I think it sounds a little bit creepy, but, hey, whatever works).

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