...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snow in September

For Labor Day we had snow.
It was 90+ degrees outside, but we still had snow.
Of course, the snow originated in our deep freeze and had to be laboriously coaxed to leave the shelves it was clinging to, but still, it was snow!
Every five or ten years I notice that our upright freezer has too much ice clogging up the shelves so I reluctantly decide to do something about it.  Since there was (I'm not exaggerating) 3-4 inches of ice surrounding the two top shelves and bits of frozen food were beginning to be glued to the shelves by ice that was trying to surround it (yeah, I should have done this a long time ago, but I don't spend that much time gazing into the freezer so the project is out if sight and out of mind) it seemed like a good time to take on this job.
Anyway, so the battle was ON!
After loading every bit of frozen food into coolers and Rubbermaid tubs, I turned off the power and left to let things start to get soggy.  Josh, however is  not that patient (or maybe he just has lots more initiative than me) because he headed to the freezer with a chisel and hammer in hand and proceeded to pound out the ice. 
(Josh finishing up the job...boy I wish I had a picture of how much ice there was to start, my poor, neglected freezer was deeply in need of attention.)
 He scraped and chipped until there was nothing left but beautiful, white, plastic coated metal shelves.  We cleaned up the drippy mess which may or may not have involved throwing shovels full of soggy snow at the children who were scampering around outside.  There may have been wardrobe changes required by the time we were done, but everyone was smiling so it was great.
And now all the frozen stuff is happily stationed back in the freezer and is no longer worried about being swallowed by inching frozen quick sand.  Also, any food that is claustrophobic should be able to breath a bit better now.  What a relief.  It's always nice to get a job done and have results that you can see to let you know you accomplished something good. 
(And a snowball fight at the end of summer is always a bonus too.)

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Wendy said...

I remember when our freezer would get like that and we'd have to do the whole food-into-coolers thing. However, we were never cool enough to turn the defrosting job into a snowball fight. You win :)

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