...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's fix her up

Our house has been in need of some help for a little while.  Some of the issues are things we can take care of on our own, but some of them are things we needed to find someone a little more experienced to take care of.
One of our major issues was with the soffit and facia around our house.  The stuff that was there was a composite sort of wood (it felt more like really sturdy cardboard) that has probably been there since 1970 when the house was built.  It had gotten pretty nasty.  Plus, because it was warped and separating we were having issues with creatures trying to build their homes in our home. 
So, after getting a couple of bids we settled on a fabulous guy named Terry Thompson who works with his son (who teaches school with Josh during the school year) and did a fantastic job.  We would hire him back in a heartbeat (and we probably will in a few years when we redo the roof -- if you need work on soffit, fascia, rain gutters, siding, roof etc you might want to give him a call at 801-266-4823). 
After two days of hard labor and humid heat our house got a superb facelift and we are amazingly pleased.  It turned out really really well.
New soffit, fascia and rain gutters....HOORAY!!

Looks so nice (pretend like we've already painted the trim at the top...we'll get to that pretty soon).
 While these guys were working their magic on the outside of our house, Josh and my dad were busy working on the inside.
After a July family paint party where my brothers, their wives and our children helped to paint our cabinets and a downstairs bedroom, Josh and my dad took on the job of hanging tile for our new back splash. 
I have envied back splash owners for years because I hate how gritty things get by our stove and sink -- and that when I wipe up spills and drips the wall tends to show where I've wiped because the rest of the area is not quite as clean (am I the only one with this problem?).
Old cabinet color which was ok but kind of dark and we were young and
stupid when we painted them the first time (they were already painted white
and we did want SOME color) so we settled for the cheapest paint there was
which was a really rotten idea.  Don't do that, it is worth it to buy good paint.
Josh and my dad did a fantastic job on the tile and I am super pleased with it.  I love how it all turned out.
Our new kitchen.

Fancy, bright, happy new paint (thanks family, we sure appreciate you guys!).

My tile back splash -- aka evidence that my husband and dad really do love me.
I believe that a house is always a work in progress -- at least it is for us -- but I am glad that bit by bit things seem to be getting better and better around here.  It may be a slow process, but at least it is headed in the right direction.

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jess said...

I was wondering what those guys were doing at your house. I love the backsplash! Everything looks great! It's always fun to make improvements, especially such drastic ones.

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