...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fun in the snow

It snowed here in Utah during the Christmas break.

The kids have loved that.  They have had a ton of fun playing in the white, wet stuff.

Take a peek.

(Ok, this one has nothing to do with snow, but the flashing Rudolph nose was so much fun I had to put it in...Ellie wore it everywhere until it started to hurt her face.)

Bryce used a tupperware container to build a snow fort.

Josh and I have taken the kids sledding a couple times at a local hill.  The first time we were all along, the second time the place was hopping, but both times were a ton of fun.

Aubrey helping Logan to try out our little snow board.

These little shovel head sleds were on clearance last spring so we bought a few.  The kids weren't sure the sleds would work but were thrilled when they were able to zip down the hill with reckless abandon.

However, there were some down sides to the snow as well.  We had some freezing rain along with our snow and that ended up being the death of our house hung Christmas lights.  Gigantic real icicles decided to dangle from our icicle lights and said ice ended up ruining most of our lights.  Sad.

Poor Josh had to scramble up on the chilly roof and extricate our frozen strings of lights.  They pretty much didn't survive the procedure, but Josh made it out unscathed (although very cold).

It was Weather Related Death to the Christmas Lights at the DeMoux home this year.  Oh well, thanks to Lowe's after Christmas sale for helping us restock our light supply and keep to a tight budget.  

Tons of shoveling has kept us fit (there is plenty to do as we have a couple neighbors who need help keeping their walks clear) and we have gotten good use from our snow gear.  Take that winter!

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Deborah said...

I had a great time taking the Sisters sledding at the little hill behind the elementary school (good for first timers, eh?) and they loved it. Thanks to Marie for lending us toboggans... and I have a flying saucer too if you ever need/want to borrow it =).

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