...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to ask for your own bedroom

This weekend, I read one of my favorite persuasive essays ever.

I do love a persuasive essays.  I always loved writing them in school, and now I enjoy perusing someone else's opinions and ideas by reading them.

This particular essay happened to be written by my 8 year old son (with the encouragement of an amazing 2nd grade teacher).  Gavin tells me they have been doing a lot of writing in class and his teacher is pushing the students to put their heart into their work.

And so he did.

This is what my cute little diplomat wrote.

The note reads:

"Dear Mom and Dad,
I love you so much and I have a favor to ask.  I have been thinking about this for a little while.  Can I have my own room?  The first reason is that Logan snores at night and wakes me up.  You want me to be wide awake for school don't you?  Second is that Logan always makes a mess and I have to clean it up.  Third is that I sometimes fall off the top bunk (not actually true for you readers, he sometimes slips when he opts to climb up the front of the bed instead of using the ladder, but still).  You don't want me to get hurt do you?  Finally, if I get my own room I'll clean up the toy box for a year and sweep the upstairs for a year.
From Gavin"

First off, note that his handwriting is MUCH better than mine (nice job G) and secondly I'm not sure anyone could help but smile at reading this(Josh and I couldn't, we were highly amused and very pleased all at the same time).  It makes we wish I had a spare bedroom lounging around somewhere that I could give him.

Sadly (for this young man) he will have to continue to share a room with his brother (which I actually believe teaches some important lessons about sharing and working together despite the suggested snoring), but I could not be more proud of his careful thought or concise expression of opinions and desires.  He even tried to get our emotions involved by suggesting that he might get hurt or lack sleep if we didn't go along with his plan.  I'm not sure that really worked in his favor (we are not easily swayed by such tactics), but it did make us smile.  What a fabulous and creative way to approach his problem.  Love that guy!

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jess said...

I love it! What a smart kid! If he throws in dishes for a year, he can come live at my house with his own bedroom and bathroom. :-) His handwriting is definitely better than mine also. Thanks for sharing!

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