...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Southern Utah Temple Visits

I told you our goal for the summer is to visit all 17 Utah LDS temples (or their announced sites).

This past week, we decided to capitalize on our Southern Utah adventure to greet two more of those temples.

We were staying at a campsite in Tropic, but one day ventured down to St. George for an afternoon of super heated fun.  On the way, we stopped in Cedar City for just a few minutes and followed our confused GPS to the address listed for this soon to be Cedar City temple (it hasn't been built yet, but the site was announced earlier this year...our GPS was annoyed that the address didn't actually exist, but we managed).

The area is lovely, up on a small hill, and I think a temple there will be incredible (of course, I think a temple almost anywhere is incredible so I may be a little bit biased).

While we were in St. George we also schlepped on over to the LDS temple there for a few minutes.  We didn't stay on the grounds long because it was a little too warm for us (our car thermometer said it was 108 degrees when we parked...that is too much for us Northern Utahans...we are only acclimated to more mild temps like 98 or 100).

However, while we were on the grounds, we ran into a cutie pie young man who was visiting from Phoenix, Arizona.  We watched as he returned a diaper bag someone had left on the curb near his car to the temple visitor center and then he volunteered to take our family picture (I was trying to balance my camera on a garbage can and instead of just laughing and making fun of me he offered to help...see, cutie pie).  Anyway, he reported than when he left Phoenix it was 118 degrees so to him 108 didn't seem so bad.  Ugh.  My dad and his family are from Arizona, but I guess I really am a wussy Utah girl at heart (118, I really would melt).

Anyway, two more temples down.  Only 13 more to go!  Gotta love a visit to the house of the Lord.

Jordan River
Oquirrh Mountain
Salt Lake
Mount Timpanogos
Provo City
St. George
Brigham City
Cedar City

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