...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last Weekend: in which Ellie nearly became a criminal

Last weekend we continued on our Utah temple quest and ambled our way to Ogden to visit the Ogden temple. 

Part of the fun of this visit was remembering our tour through the inside of the temple last year during the open house.  Logan recalled the "big cows" in the baptistry of the building, Aubrey recalled the crystal loveliness of the celestial room.  Ellie lamented about having to wear paper shoe covers while she walked through the beautiful building(she really really hated those things).

But there were new adventures to be had while at the temple this day...like this one.

"Mom, watch, I can fit through those bars really easy...oh wait...no, actually I can't." (And that's how she was saved from a life of crime beginning with trespassing on temple grounds.  It was a close call, but we just barely skirted through that one.)

But was that all the fun the weekend had to give us?
  Oh no!

My friend had offered us the blackberries on her bushes so on Saturday we took her up on picking berries and on Sunday we mooshed them and turned them into jam (after we ate a good number of them raw because they are sooooo yummy).  

And my sweetheart brought me flowers when he got home from work around Midnight on Saturday.
He is the best.
I love him more and more all the time.

But then it was Monday and the check engine light came on in the Suburban to let me know that the wonder of the weekend really is through.  Back to real life.  

But even real life is a wonderfully fabulous thing.

Temple Update:
Jordan River
Oquirrh Mountain
Salt Lake
Mount Timpanogos
Provo City
Saint George
Brigham City
Cedar City

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