...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Well, that was rude

I mentioned that Josh has started working a part time job at This is the Place Heritage Park.  

It is not so much part time during the summer as he works long hours for now, but the job is pretty versatile and allows him to have time for his other obligations.

A lot of what he does is grounds work and maintenance, but the crew he works with also helps to set up and take down chairs, tables, platforms etc for weddings and parties and things like that.

This past weekend, Josh was helping after a wedding and a woman came and asked him to help her manage an issue.  He dropped what he was doing to help her.  

As he finished assisting her, he started back into the project he had been working on before when she smugly said to him in a voice dribbling with scorn, "And this is why I always tell people that they really should get an education so they don't end up having to do a job like you are doing."

......(deep breath)......


Are you kidding?  

How rude can you be?

First off, there is nothing wrong with an honest job of any sort.  Being gainfully employed in any venue is a positive thing, not something to be sneered at.  Secondly, who is she to decide that my husband is a dunce and therefore unable to find employment in a more "suitable" position.  And lastly, even if that was the vein her thoughts were running in, what kind of person voices that sort of negativity and judgemental rudeness right to the face of the person she is insulting.  Classy, for sure.

Josh handled it better than I think I would have (he really does have a way with people).  He swallowed his annoyance and said, "You know, I tell my students much the same thing.  If you don't get an education you will likely work physically demanding jobs.  I teach high school and have a masters degree on top of which I take regular classes to stay well informed on my topic which happens to be psychology.  I imagine I probably have a higher education than most of the people here at this event, but this job helps me afford to be able to keep teaching which is something I am passionate about.  They just don't pay teachers particularly well."

The woman quickly excused herself and Josh didn't see her again.

But this, boys and girls, is why we should keep our snide, snotty comments to ourselves because otherwise we might find ourselves trying to talk around the foot we have planted in our mouth.  

(And maybe I am being a little bit overprotective because I don't particularly appreciate it when people attack my favorite person on the planet.)

That said, moments like this do make for pretty good stories on the retelling, so maybe it all worked out ok after all.  It is fun to laugh about these things after the fact.

Even with a "low intelligence" job, I think I'll keep him.

A little bit of low education kissing for your viewing pleasure.

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