...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Time for Christmas to come home

I told you we don't decorate for Christmas around here until after Thanksgiving.

But, the moment Thanksgiving is done, we plunge headfirst into Christmas.

And so, we trooped into the shed, pulled out all the boxes, and decked our halls (but no boughs of holly here).  One of those heavy boxes contained our infamous Christmas tree.

You may remember that I did not get along with my Christmas tree last year (to get a glimpse of the drama click here, and here, and here).

But, after whipping him into shape last season (and stringing him up with all new, fancy LED lights) he didn't squabble when we popped him into the living room this weekend.  Good.

And then, Aubrey braved the ladder and festooned the house in lights (she did the bulk of the hanging of lights on her very own...I was pretty impressed).

And since we were going all out, we even trucked ourselves (minus Josh, who had to work) downtown to temple square for some pre-December holiday excitement.  We did love the lights.

Of course, the temple was fabulous.  This is such a great place for a family to go.

We made wishes with pennies in the handy, available fountain.

And we had fun...

and while enjoying the view.

Just so you know I didn't send my kids off to Temple Square without me.

Top the whole thing off with some hot chocolate and call it a fabulous evening.  No toes or finger froze in the process and everyone made it home relatively warm and happy.  That sounds like a win to me.

Love these Christmas tinted babies.  They are my favorite.  Happy start to the holiday to you and your family...however (and whenever) you choose to celebrate.

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