...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Winter coats and big sighs

Winter is coming.

Picture courtesy of one silly and adorable ten year old.

Be prepared.

And as a side note, once upon a time a very well prepared and organized mother pulled out all the winter coats in various sizes a week before it started snowing to make sure there was a good, warm, snugly coat with a functioning zipper for every child.

Aaaah, good mother.

But many of the children whined because they didn't like the color or style of the coat assigned to them for the year.  They fussed over silly things like "too many zippers" or "not enough skulls" until Mom said, tough luck, coats are not for fashion, they are for warmth.

Poor, picked on children.

And then one fussy child took its coat to school and left it there for five days (despite reminders to bring it home) until the coat magically vanished leaving said child coat-less and so so sad (and of course, all this on the eve of the first actually really snowy day of the year).  

Enter now coat-grouchy mother who, although she is not pleased, cannot leave this small person without a coat when the weather will get frigid (even if she did consider that idea for maybe just half a second).  


One quiet trip to the store later she procures an appropriately sized new coat to fill the newly created void.

But she is ornery about the whole unnecessary debacle so she makes the child wear a coat that is vaguely too small (only one size down, so not too bad) for a day while the child is supposed to talk to its teacher and classmates about this freshly vanished winter wear (which she is sure will be a pointless venture, but still worth one last try).



Be prepared

...and then even when you are, you aren't really and get to do it again.

Oh the adventures a crew of smalls brings your way.

(Insert frowny face here.)

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