...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crohn's throws me a curve

Over the past week my little, forever friend, Crohn's Disease, invited a new symptom to come over and play.  Pretty much none of Crohn's buddies are welcome if you ask me, but I didn't get asked so I just get to manage the uninvited guest as best I can (he didn't even call ahead...for rude!).

This very attractive brace has actually been a big help.  It is
sleek and stylish and even offers my sore wrist needed support.
Anyway, it started in my right wrist.  The joint started getting achy and sore and at first I thought I had slept on it funny or twisted it or something.  But the discomfort and aching just kept growing no matter how careful I was with my wrist until I could barely move it and any bump from my one my kidlets had me wincing.  Then it started spreading to my left wrist and then into my ankles (FYI flights of stairs and sore ankles do not mix) and even a little bit in my knees.

After a bit of reading I have become a semi-expert in Crohn's triggered arthritis which is what I've got going on.  This may be my least favorite symptom yet.  I'm not a fan.

I had a visit with my GI this week and she told me that the joint pain and inflammation is linked to the Crohn's flares.  I mentioned that even being on meds for nearly two months, I still have waves of good days juxtaposed with nasty days (usually evenings).  She informed me that that is because I am not completely in remission yet.  My body is still trying to settle into its new "normal" with Crohn's Disease in tow.  It will probably be several more weeks until the symptoms are really put in their place until the next flare up.  That was actually a relief to hear, things will get better.  Hooray!

The joint soreness/stiffness does seem to be a kind of indicator of what kind of day I am going to have with my gut.  When my joints flare, my intestines seem to as well.  Those are the days I end up hovering in the bathroom trying not to lose my dinner or lying in a bath soaking in the calm that the hot water brings.

Life with Crohn's is no joy ride...well, I guess that isn't really true.  Life is beautiful and good, with or without Crohn's Disease.  Maybe Crohn's is here to help me realize just how beautiful those good moments are.  There is just so much about this life to smile about, even if there are cloudy moments in between (not that I don't do my fair share of whining when it is cloudy over here). I guess that's why God sent us here, though, to muddle through our struggles as best we can and try to come out stronger on the other side. 

And it helps if we try to enjoy the ride.

I, for one, am not perfect at that.  I have days that are a mess to get through where I just wish for the sun to set so the day can be over...but so does everyone else (I think?).  Thankfully, there are more days that I think of fondly than not.  As an added bonus I get to travel these roads with the most amazing people on the planet, God knew I would need them and I'm awfully glad that they are around.


Daley Family said...

You have such a positive attitude, which I'm sure isn't always easy, but it makes trials much easier to bear. Thanks for being and inspiration!

Paula said...

Melissa, I am so sorry to here that you have been so miserable lately! I'm grateful for your perspective on trials as I definitely have those days that I just wish would be over. We love you and we pray for you and your family! I pray that things will get better very soon!

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