...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Week 2011

This past week has been all full of Halloween excitement at our house.  I love this holiday; it is all about just having fun and I think that is fabulous.

We started the week leading up to Halloween with a trip to Gardner village to see the witches.  This is a family tradition and we all LOVE it!  Whoever decorates that place does an amazing job and we love wandering around enjoying their hard work. 
 Every child has a favorite witch that they look forward to seeing.  But there is so much more than witches to feast your eyes on.  There is something fun in every nook and cranny and the on site bakery smells fabulous so all of your senses get a delicious overload.  It is wonderful. 
Here are a few pictures of our exciting day.

Ellie and Aubrey sharing an old fashioned buggy ride (it was really just them sitting in the buggy and Josh wiggling it a bit, but it was still fun). 
The boys worried about the witch with a boat fully of explosives on the Gardner Village pond!  Yikes!

Logan showering at a witchy watering hole.

 Witches pedaling over top of the cutest kids on the planet (I'm not biased at all). 

It really was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  We all had a great time.

Logan had his pre-school Halloween party on Friday.  After telling me all month that he wanted to be a Power Ranger, he adamantly expressed his desire to be a pirate instead.  So, we put it together and off he went.  He attends the greatest pre-school in the world and has the most amazing teachers.  He had a great day. 

Saturday was pumpkin carving.  We hauled all of our large, home-grown pumpkins in from the garden and set to work.   Our creative juices were wildly flowing as we sculpted our creations.  It was loads of fun. 
 Saturday was also our ward trunk-or-treat activity.  Everyone gathered at the church to collect candy from the back of every one's car.  The kids always love this and Josh has a great time wandering with them and chatting with friends while I hand out candy.

Many people decorate their car trunks.  This one startled Ellie.  The motion activated snake rattled its tail while she snuck a treat.

Here is Logan being treated by a couple dressed as tail gaiters (what a fun -- and warm -- idea).

Josh, Ellie and I dressed as pirates.  Bryce and Parker are "zombie hunters" (that was a tough one, I had no idea what "zombie hunters looked like so with the help of my awesome sister-in-law, Jenny, we made it up).  Aubrey is Hollie Short (a pixie police officer from the Artemis Fowl books).  Gavin is Spiderman (thanks for the hand-me-down costume Cathy) and Logan switched back to Power Ranger for the evening.

Our family got into the dress up fun and we all had a really great week.  I hope you all have a very

Happy Halloween!

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Corinne said...

Seeing Josh dressed up as a pirate just made my day ;)

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