...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ellie helps out

Aubrey has been after me the last week or so because I made a skirt for myself and one for Ellie, but I hadn't made one for her yet.  The reason I was slow is that I wanted her to help create her skirt and we haven't had a lot of free time when she was at home lately (I do most of my projects while the kids are at school). 

So, last night we decided to give it a go.  She chose her fabric from our fabric box and she chose the pattern she wanted to create.  We measured and cut the pieces we needed and then we had to take a break so that I could make dinner (measuring and cutting with a nine year old takes a little bit longer than doing it on my own). 

After a couple of minutes Ellie toddled into the kitchen.  She walked up to me and petted my leg and said, "Sorry, Mom."  I knew this meant trouble.

I stalked into the living room only to find tiny little shards of red and white fabric littering the carpet and couch and a pair of scissors nestled amongst the carnage (I had actually put all the sewing/cutting implements up but this little girl is determined and she finds a way when she wants something).

This is some of what was left of our skirt pieces.

We tried to stitch some of the cuts back together, but that just wasn't going to work.

Thankfully, we had just enough fabric left (although it was in sections that we had to creatively piece together in order to hide the seams) to finish off the skirt.  Aubrey didn't get to help as much as I would have liked because the project became logistically more complicated after Ellie's "help" but she did still do a lot of cutting and sewing and she can definitely claim a hand in our creation.  I think it turned out pretty well.  She can hardly wait to wear it, which was the whole point to begin with.

I love those crazy girls. 

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