...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decked out and fully decorated

This week we broke out the Halloween stuff to decorate our house. 
It was a lot of fun.  The kids always have fun decking the house in decorations and I LOVE to watch them ponder over the placement of every item.
This year we added a decoration.  I knew we were going to dress the house up and while the kids were at school I grabbed some left over pieces of 2x4 from our shed and made this little beauty (found on Pinterest...thank you crafty people for setting the example).  I think he turned out really cute and the kids got to help me finish him up when they got home so we had fun getting him ready to grace the front porch (where he is currently stationed).
This little guy is made entirely of painted bits of 2x4 in varying lengths.  He was very simple to put together but turned
out pretty adorable if you ask me.

So, we pulled the Halloween/Fall tubs down and amongst them we found our stash of costumes.  That made for a fun filled afternoon all on its own.
Bryce as Link.

G as Iron Man

We also discovered my horde of spooky books which made for some great entertainment that afternoon. 
(That's exactly why I keep holiday themed books put away all year...I like that they are fun and different and that because we haven't read them all year they are new and exciting.)

Little tykes reading Halloween stories.

We could not get Logan to give up this cowboy hat all day.  We did, however, get him to put his shirt back on.  Silly zombie cowboy!

Sexy five year old zombie cowboy.

PJ sporting spooky stuff.

That's my beautiful girl!

What a fun holiday...and what a fun afternoon.


jess said...

I really really love Halloween, your day sounds so fun. And I'm very much in love with your craft! Seriously so cute!

The Whitmer's said...

When I brought Matt and Emma over the other day they wouldn't go in your front door because of your 'spooky' fellows. By the time we left Matt was OK so Emma endured.

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