...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Kicks In

This week it seems that the Halloween spirit has really settled into our house.  The kids are winding down their "I want to be" dreams and deciding what they will dress as for the big day.  That means I am now in "quick, make cool costume" mode so we'll see how things come together this next couple of weeks.
The other day I pulled out some wooden masks that I found at the craft store early in October and we spent the afternoon painting.  The kids love any kind of project and I love to see their creative juices flowing so moments like this are beautiful if you ask me.

Our finished products were ultra-colorful and semi-spooky and it was great!

Also, yesterday we took our annual trip to Gardner Village to see the witch displays (or to visit the witch's house as Ellie described it).
I love this outing...and it's free (unless you stop at the bakery for a cookie which we usually do...you can even do a fun scavenger hunt as you wander the displays and get a discount on a chocolate chip cookie if you take the completed form to the bakery with you).
We'll just give you a little taste of the fun we had (and that you could have) on a Gardner Village excursion.
Six little monsters

chillin with mom

tumbling onto dad
 Gavin had photos on the brain this trip and was constantly calling, "Dad, take a picture of me" as we wandered the pathways.  Here is a sampling of his...lets call it unique...style.

Pretty normal

Yup, that's my boy

No worries, everyone came out of this kiss unscathed
 We have a favorite Halloween story book called "Big Pumpkin" (the audio version is particularly fabulous...listen to a bit of it here and then you'll know just how to read it to your little sprites).  This picture is a re-enactment of my little ones trying to lift the gigantic pumpkin (they even kicked it like in the story).

We are loving this season.  There is just so much spooky fun to be had.  We are definitely wound into the web of Halloween...and we aren't even sad about it.  Hope you are having a great season too!


Mr. and Mrs. Coffey said...

I love it!!! I hope someday I can have as much fun being a mom as you do! Your children are very lucky to have you!

jess said...

I love Halloween time. I so miss Gardner Village, I love going there this time of year! The masks look like tons of fun also. As always, great ideas!

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