...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Party time, Halloween style

G had a birthday.
He actually had it a bunch of weeks ago.
But we never let a little bit of lateness stop us from having a good time.
Since we had a crazy busy chunk of time around his birthday, we opted to hold out for the fun of a Halloween party.  So here goes.
We invited friends over during UEA weekend.  This made it incredibly convenient for me because I had Josh home to help, but not to convenient for other families so we had an intimate group of friends that came to party together.  We still had a good time.
We spruced up the living room a little bit (but not too much because our kids love ripping down decorations so we tend to not overdo it so as to cut down on mess later).
We started with Halloween bingo, which is always fun.
Then we moved on to the good stuff.
We divided the kids into teams (which included several of our other children as well...thankfully we have a ready made group of party goers here at our house just about any time).  Then we gave each team a plateful of bloody fingers and a long pinchy/grabby tool from All-a-Dollar.  The kids had to run across the yard, pinchy-grab a finger and then run it back to the bowl on the other end of the yard.  It was loads of bloody fun.  The kids loved it (and it let them be outside and active which is always a plus).

Next, we went inside and had a donut eating costume.  We intended to hand our donuts from a string tied to a board balanced on our two ladders until we realized one ladder was not at home (it is at Josh's parent's house helping to install a roof) so we had to improvise (that's cause I didn't realize the problem until about an hour before the party).
No worries.  Kids love eating donuts off plates without using their hands just as much as they love eating them off strings with no hand.

Ellie and Logan definitely wanted in on the donut eating action.

We read a couple of Halloween stories, played a charades/answer silly questions game that I made lots of years ago ("a witch cast a spell on you so act like a monkey." "time for charades -- act out Dracula,"  "cast a spell on someone using lots of magic words" etc), and created our very own mummies with rolls of toilet paper.  This mummy activity is always a hit.

Even if it wasn't really his birthday anymore, Gavin had a great day and we will stamp our "success" seal on this party.  It was loads of spooky fun.

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