...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scratch that...

Some days are really horrible.

I hate it when my gut hurts.

How do my children know when I am most tired and why is that when they most want to play?

How in the world do six people manage to dirty this much laundry overnight?

I am really hungry, but nothing sounds good to eat...no fair!

Hey, Remission, do you have a Facebook account?  I'd love to be friends!

Thank you whoever invented Humira.

Thank you whoever invented nap time.

How many more hours until bed time?

Do I really have to make dinner later?

I'm sure grateful we have food to eat.

Whoever invented cereal, I love you.  No matter what I can always eat that.

Whoever invented my children, I love you too.  No matter what they always take my mind off of things.

My husband is the best.

My family is the best.

My home is simple, but beautiful. 

I'm glad our house is small so I don't have more rooms to clean.

Thank you whoever invented Magic Erasers.

I really do love it when we cuddle up on the couch together and read.

It is a wonderful thing to watch a garden grow, even if it isn't very big.

Prayer is pretty incredible.  Thanks for that.

I love myself a heating pad.

Indoor plumbing pretty much rocks.

What if I didn't have a bathtub, what then? 

Thank you whoever invented the crock pot, dinner may not be out of reach after all.

Only a few more hours to spend with the people I love until they head off to sleep, even if I'm not the best mom ever I'm glad I have the chance to enjoy these moments.

Six children, who would have thunk?

I'm glad our house is full of stuff...and love.

Maybe I'm not perfect at this life thing yet, but I'm sure glad I have the chance to try it again moment by moment.

Life is good.  Really, really good.

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