...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's official...it's summer

So live has been pretty wild since graduation!  Josh got to get all dolled up in his master's hood for Murray High graduation this year and I just had to snap a shot or two of that handsome guys while he was all done up.
But ever since school go tout things have been fairly busy around here.
We had an end of school party and let each of our kids invite a few friends to participate in that.  We played games, swam in our pool and borrowed my mom's awesome water slide.  Our house was pretty full (with nearly 20 people here for the day) but it was a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the summer season!
Poor Aubrey broke her finger the last week of school and will have a cast on her hand all through June.  Because of the placement of the break we weren't able to use a waterproof cast (I guess they don't get as tight and since the break is sort of precarious we needed that tightness, who knew?).  That means that any time Aubrey wants to be involved in water events we have to wrap up her arm.  We use grocery bags layered over her cast and then sealed at the top to her arm with duct tape.  It hurts like the dickens coming off but it seems to keep her cast dry.
However, even garbage bags/grocery bags over a cast can't prevent every wandering drop from finding its way into the cast so when we decided to take the kids to Seven Peaks Water Park the next week (as part of our Pass of All Passes) she was pretty sad she couldn't go.
The boys and Dad had a great time on the slides (only the ones that didn't need a tube because those things are just too expensive for us) and Aubrey, Ellie and I went to the dollar theater to see "Oz, the Great and Powerful" instead.  Aubrey loved it, Ellie thought it was kind of scary, I thought it was ok I guess.  I'm glad we only paid a dollar to see it, but it was a fun afternoon.
Once again on the backs of our Pass of All Passes we headed to Trafalga Family Fun Center in Lehi.  I was a bit disappointed because there were several rides that weren't open that day which made the lines HUGE on the ones that were, but the kids still had a great time.  Poor Aubrey wasn't allowed to drive the go carts or ride in the bumper boats because of her broken arm (their rule, not ours), but the older kids loved the laser tag and the  younger kids loved everything else. 

Logan was terrified to ride this frog drop ride and Josh bribed him with a dollar if he would do it.  Logan survived, but it was a traumatic experience.  Good thing his big sister was right with him to reassure him and make sure he was ok.

 Last weekend we all donned our working duds and took on a project for our next door neighbors.  They have long wanted to put rock in their parking strip so they don't have to maintain it, but the grass and weeds needed to be removed first. 
Sooooo, after hours and hours of digging and hauling and three exhausting trips to the dump with dirt and grass they now have a parking strip devoid of growing things and hopefully they'll be able to turn it into a lovely rock garden when they get a chance.

Last but not least, last night we were able to head to Spring Mobile Ballpark to watch the Bees baseball game.
For some of our younger kids this was their first baseball experience (I grew up on baseball thanks to my younger brother who played, but my kids haven't been very exposed to the sport...I didn't realize how much they don't know until last night, it was sort of sad).
Everyone LOVED the game (except Ellie who started asking to go home halfway through the first inning and didn't stop until we got to the car and she told us what a great time she'd had...yeah).  We sat on the third row in the outfield section of the first base side of the field.  I honestly couldn't have asked for better seats, we could see well and were in the shade the whole game.

Josh managed to bring us a game ball because he sometimes works at the park so he knows the security guys.  The kids were pretty stoked to have a real ball from the game.
The Bees won 10 to 0 and it really was a fun game to watch -- lots of home runs, some incredible diving catches, a few awe inspiring snags (Wow, that third baseman last night!).  It was mostly just a lot of fun to spend the evening...and really lots of fun moments the last week and a half with these people that I love to bits.

Josh made sure I ended up in a picture too.

It's been a pretty fun filled two weeks since school let out.  I'm not sure we will keep up the pace with all that has gone on but I'm sure it will continue to be one eventful summer.

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