...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, June 3, 2013

My very own freakin' Friday

Friday was wild...and I don't mean in the same-as-usual-you-have-six-kids-so-your-life-can-be-a-madhouse sort of way.  Let me tell you about it.

Friday morning I got everyone up just before seven (which is normal).  After dragging our jr higher through his chores and such I herded him out the door about 7:30 am.  The other kids did their jobs, chuckled at me while I exercised and scampered off to school about 8:20 am.  I showered, did a bit of cleaning, made sure the youngest two were semi-presentable and then we scuttled over to the school for Gavin's end of year first grade program which was great.

After the program we walked across the street to the church so I could input some visiting teaching changes and then we headed for home.  There was a message waiting for me when we walked in.  It was my oldest daughter asking me to come to the school because she was hurt.  I called back to the school and the sweet receptionist said it would probably best if I came back over, so I piled the littles into the car and we went back to school.

Upon arrival we paged Aubrey to the office (after I remembered who her teacher is which was only slightly embarrassing -- my memory is not great anyway, but when people are staring at me expecting me to answer I will get flustered and forget even worse than normal).  She had been playing baseball and an errant throw had slammed into her hand when she tried to catch it at the last second.  Her pinkie finger was swollen and bruised.  It seemed best to have her looked at by someone who knows more about physical maladies than I do (which is almost anyone).

I checked her out and we headed to the car.  I called the doctor's office from the car (while parked -- safety first!) and made an appointment for 2:40 that afternoon.  Then we headed home.

I maneuvered everyone inside and after giving her some Tylenol I settled Aubs with an ice pack in front of the TV.  As I entered the kitchen to make some lunch, the phone rang.  The caller ID showed the call was from the school which I thought was weird because we had just left.

Turns out it wasn't the elementary calling, it was the jr high.  Bryce had been playing football at lunch and while trying to juke his way out of a hold on his wrist he had been spun to the ground and now his wrist was swollen and sore. 


Ok, so thanks to Aubrey's presence at home I didn't have to take the little ones with me on my quick jaunt to the jr high.  I checked Bryce out (he had tried to sit through the rest of his classes but after about an hour of trying he just couldn't take it anymore).  The kind police officer at the school took a peek at Bryce's wrist before we left and said it looked pretty nasty to him. 

No worries, we were already headed to the doctor, may as well have Bryce tag along for fun!

I called the doctor's office and made sure that was ok, and it was (they really are great).  It's always fun to hear the ladies in the office laughing out loud when you call back with another child broken at school less than a half hour after your last call.  It's nice that we could entertain someone. 

I called Josh and left a message so he would know what was going on.

Then (finally) I made everyone lunch.  Poor, starving kidlets.

About 1:00 I made a couple calls to try to find somewhere for my four younger kids to hang out while I took the older ones in to be checked.  However, Josh called after I had tried a good friend who often watches my little ones when I need it and said, "Just bring them to me here at school and I'll keep an eye on them."

Fabulous!  That way I didn't have to worry about how long things would take because I knew likely we would have to go somewhere for x-rays and such and you never know how long that will take.

Gavin and Parker came home from school, we did quick piano lessons (a regular, Friday occurrence) and then all piled into the Suburban.  Josh met me in the parking lot at the high school and corralled the four youngest up to his classroom with him.  (He had a bunch of students who had put off caring about their grades until the very last day that work could be turned in in his class so his room was pretty full and his kids were pretty grateful he would stay until we were done at the doctor so they could finish as much as possible -- naughty children, don't ignore  your grade all semester and then expect teachers to bail you out at the last possible moment...but I hope you got enough done to pull your grades up.) 

All done up and ready to head to her dance recital Saturday
night.  Notice how her cast matches her dance pants (yeah, we
didn't plan that...happy accident).
Anyway, long story short after a visit with our doctor, a trip to the instacare for x-rays, a run back to the doctors for additional treatment we came home with one child in a cast and one in a brace.

Aubrey had broken her pinkie finger and the crack went almost all the way through the bone so....she got a lovely, neon orange cast around three fingers and her wrist so as to let this mess heal.

Bryce was not broken but was sprained and bruised so he is sporting a fabulous khaki wrist brace.  He was incredibly relieved not to have a broken bone because "I promised myself I would not break any of my bones and I didn't want to go back on that promise."  Uh, ok.  Sounds good...but weird.  After all, he is MY child.

We made it back to the school about 5:00 pm and finally went home.  Aubrey has been proudly having everyone she knows sign her cast, but then she spent some time crying because she will likely miss out on a lot of water fun during the next month (if you have never smelled the stench of a cast that has gotten wet then count yourself lucky!).

And that was my Friday.  I was glad when it was over, but also glad that things worked out as well as they did.  I only had to make one trip to the doctor because both children were hurt about the same time, Josh swooped in to be the babysitting hero and his students inadvertently benefited as well.  

What a day.

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