...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Dinner becomes a competition

Sometimes on a Monday evening my family (like my bigger extended family) schedules a Christmas party.  We mostly only ever do this in December.

And, sometimes we decide to do a mystery dinner box competition as part of our celebration.  Yeah, we're cool like that (and we like food so there you go).

Anyway, that's what we did this time around as part of our par-tay.

We opened our box Monday afternoon and found within it:
chicken thighs
Mexican squash
Chinese green beans

Sounds like a good time waiting to happen.

And we dove in.  We batted around a couple ideas and a few flavor profiles that might work.  Pretty quick Josh had the fabulous idea to make dumplings (my sweet sister-in-law, Lisa, taught us this skill not too long ago).

I diced and lightly breaded and fried the squash and eggplant while Josh made dumpling dough.

We ground up the chicken and cooked it adding some homemade teriyaki sauce for some sweetness to balance the eggplant (which can be bitter I'm told...this was my first experience with it).

We packed the veggie/chicken chutney in the dumplings, cooked them up (and cooked the beans in the ham sprinkling them with brown sugar) and we were set.

At the party, we plated our creation and waited for the judges to taste and score everything. 

The competition was really tough.  There are some really fabulous cooks in my family and I was impressed with every one's offerings.  They all tasted good and were all so different.  It was fun to try everything.

And then the big moment.

And the winner was....
well, not us.

In fact,  we came in dead last.
However, the dumplings really did taste great and several people asked how to make them (before they found out we were losers).

I blame the judges.
These three had it out for us from the get go.

Seriously, it was a really fun activity and a great way to try something new at our family feast. 


apple said...

What a cute and fun idea! How creative you were in coming up with such a yummy dinner. I so enjoy reading your blog. I found your blog through a Deseret News book review you wrote. Thank you for sharing the adventures of your family and the day to day ups and downs as well. It is nice to read how things fall apart in your home just like they do in ours. (Your Christmas tree light fiasco last year really hit home.) Your kids are so lucky to have such great parents. Thanks for keeping it real. Merry Christmas!

Melissa DeMoux said...

You are very sweet; thanks so much. I honestly appreciate your comment. I do hope people see that life isn't always perfect, but that doesn't mean it isn't also wonderful. Merry Christmas.

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