...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, December 4, 2015


Griping at things.

Round one:

So lately, when I drive it, my car does this...

It glitches to its heart content which is always fun when you are on the freeway (which I was when Bryce filmed this snippet).

It sort of stinks.

We've had it in to the shop a few times and they haven't been able to identify the problem yet (after hours of looking, they are almost as frustrated as we are).  We replaced the control panel hoping that would help...but it didn't.  Then we replaced the battery hoping that would help...but it didn't.

So now, we get round three in the "let's diagnose the problem" phase of this adventure.  Lucky us.

Sigh.  If only I'd been born a mechanic...or a genie.

Round two:

We hate...that's right, I said the H word...we HAAAATE plumbing issues around here.

Plumbing is Josh's nemesis.  The two are mortal enemies.  They can live in peace if both are quiet and don't really acknowledge each other, but if they have to come face to face it is death...or at least pain and whining.

This week, the plumbing in both of our bathrooms started acting up and Josh couldn't get them to behave.  He even took a day off work to try to get a handle on the situation, but no dice.  We still didn't have working bathroom faucets.

So we called in reinforcements in the form of our good friend who used to be a plumber.  He is so good to be willing to come help (and that is tomorrow, so hopefully he and the plumbing will see eye to eye and then we can all live happily ever after).

Round three:

The frame of our bed which has been limping along in pain for several years decided to just plain give out.  This left me with a huge pile of stuff that used to be stored under the bed.

So, we took out the frame, propped the mattress and box springs on the floor so now we are low to the ground in case of earthquake (shorter fall, ya know) and our bed is a little less squeaky so really all is well.  The kids love it because it is like a ready made wrestling platform at just the right height. 

But at least there are moments like this that I find hiding on my phone when I download things to bring a smile and a chuckle to me.  It is nice to remember that life is full of fabulous moments...even if not ALL of the moments are fabulous.  Yes, there are hard things to face.  Yes, there are setback and struggles.  However, if I add up the good I can see all around me, it barely even leaves enough room to acknowledge that trouble tends to plop firmly down on us as well.

But we still HATE plumbing.

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