...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Monday, July 11, 2011


This weekend's adventure included haircuts for my boys.  Josh has been complaining for a while that he had developed wings behind his ears because his hair was so long.

Lots of years ago, Josh and I decided I would learn to cut the boys hair because it would save us oodles of dollars over time.  We got a set of clippers and a a fabulous VHS video (I told you it was lots of years ago) and I worked at learning to cut hair. 

We had some exciting moments.  Poor Josh had to put up with some not so stellar cuts at first and there was one time early on where I put the wrong head on the clippers and he got a REALLY short haircut (at least I didn't forget to put a head on altogether).  But now I'm an old pro and every six weeks or so we line the boys up, shuffle them into the bathroom and lower their ears (that's what my Grandpa Grange calls it...love it!).

We ended up with a garbage can full of varying degrees of sandy blond hair and some really good looking boys (at least if you as me).  Anyone looking to save some dollars over time, I highly recommend this hair trimming endeavor.  Clippers are pretty cheap and you can get a great "how to" video (on DVD now) from the library or even off YouTube.  Except for the screaming three year old that is afraid of the clippers, haircuts are a pretty good thing.

G showing off his haircut and pulling a weird (adorable) face.

Logan looking freshly trimmed and cute as a button (actually I think
cuter than a button because to me buttons aren't all that cute).

Gavin wanted to be sure I got pictures of his haircut from every angle.
Silly kid.
Aubrey asked me to cut hers to her shoulders today too.  We'll see how it goes (I'm not quite so good with girl hair...the clipper don't work for that).  I'll let you know.

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Daley Family said...

You are much braver than I am. I do most of the boy's hair, but I don't think I'd dare cut JuliAnnas. Good luck!!

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