...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Putting in a pool

When you decide to install a quick set back yard pool in your yard there are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Have a whole big bunch of sand delivered to your house.  Go ahead and have a dump truck just leave it in your driveway because then you will have incentive to move it quickly so that you can get your cars out and they don't end up high centered on a big fat ol pile-o-sand (wouldn't that have made an awesome picture...but it didn't happen).
 It is also probably a great idea to let any kidlets that you have handy play in the sand.  They will end up covered in sand.  Just have them strip down to their underwear and spray them off with a hose before you let them walk back into the house (or else have your vacuum readily available).
 2. Find a section of grass that you don't care much about and dump all of your sand on it so that your pool can rest on a flat surface (especially if your yard is on a slope so there is nowhere that is even remotely flat in your yard). 

Having a flat spot is UBER IMPORTANT even if your husband gets annoyed because you are finicky about it.  You should not let his grumpy attitude make you give up on leveling the ground (I love you honey!)  If you give in you may have to empty a nearly filled pool by hand because the sides are all skewampus (this I know from experience...and so does Josh...now).
 3. Fill up your pool with water and then fill it with kids and have loads of fun.  (This is the best part!).  You should join your kids in your pool for some fun on a regular basis, but don't forget the sun screen or else you may end up a little bit more crispy than you started.

 4. If you have leftover sand, just leave it in the wheelbarrow and let your kids play in it.  It's almost like having a hand box only they don't have to sit in it to have fun.
 5. Push the baby on the swing because while she loves to swim, she tends to get run over but she really hates her life jacket so you have to entertain her some other way.

I just have to say, my husband was amazing during this project.  He worked like crazy to find the best way to do things and put all of his energy into creating a back yard oasis for our children (even the level sand mishap is fun to laugh and tease about now).  He is incredible.

Quick set 12 foot back yard pools....I highly recommend them.

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