...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I hope you had a very lucky weekend...one full of St. Patrick's Day fun and adventure.

Our St. Patty's celebration was pretty muted this year which is probably the result of a head leprechaun who didn't feel very well (what the heck, on a holiday?...sheesh).

Anyway, so even though no pot of gold or treasure hunt or leprechaun tricks meandered into our life that day, we did enjoy a green dinner and that's better than nothing.

Since Josh was working that night (and he whines like a two year old if you dye his food a different color...sorry honey, I love you, but you know it's true) we went all the way and turned our dinner into a verdant feast.

We had German pancakes, which we tinted with food coloring so they looked more festive. 

We top our pancakes with powdered sugar (which I tried to turn green as well but it didn't really work out, still tasted good though) and then poured warmed orange juice over the top.  The orange juice was also green (FYI to tint orange juice I normally use blue dye since the juice is sort of yellow and yellow and blue make a nicer green -- in my opinion -- than green dye does).

And voila!

Tasty and leaf colored dinner for all.

The leprechauns did play one little prank on us.  They magically turned our milk green as it poured into our cups (a couple drops of food coloring in empty cups transforms white milk pouring from the jug into green milk quicker than three shakes of a lambs tail). 

I really am one lucky mother!

Anyone who gets to spend her days with cuties like this is lucky if you ask me.

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