...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mom, take a picture

One of the things that happens when you have a blog and you regularly post bits and pieces of your everyday life is that your children want to get in on the action.

My kids LOOOOVE being featured on our family blog and almost every day I can count on someone calling "Mom, come take a picture," from somewhere in the house.

It may be a craft they are doing or a drawing they have created or even a beautifully made bed (I don't usually photograph those).

It makes my little ones feel special (even if the picture never makes it out of the camera) so I take pictures of just about everything. 

Here are some of our most recent "Mom, take a picture" moments.

Logan with his Little People train creation.

Bryce's bionicle (with Bunny Ears by Aubrey)

Aubrey's "Dream House" (who knew she wanted to live within Domino walls).

Logan with Domino shapes (and a weird face).

Ellie throwin her creative side into the mix with Jenga blocks.

Parker's Michael Jordan impression (notice the cute little
tidbit of tongue sticking out).
Gavin's blanket fort.

Logan, dribbling (with the ball, not his mouth).
Parker playing his favorite song (I am pretty
sure he does realize the sound does not transfer into the

Aubrey's play dough food...aka, my order at her restaurant.

Bryce's Lego attack jet (pictured with Ellie's used diaper and Josh's stinky feet).

Logan's shape block creature.

As long as they keep asking me to take pictures I will keep rushing to wherever they are and pointing and shooting.  Every little snippet of their lives is important to me and I want them to feel that, even if it means a camera that is stuffed to the brim most of the time.

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