...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morning at my house...

Mornings at my house go a little somethin' like this...

Very independent kids get their own cereal. 

(I gets to clean up their spills later, but I like that they are learning to do things on their own so I try not to whine about it too much.)

Then I patrol the downstairs where I often have to chase the children out from under their books so that they will actually get their chores done before they go to school.  (I guess there could be worse things than having your children be addicted to reading...still, it gets frustrating EVERY...SINGLE...DAY!).

(Notice Bryce trying to hurry and hide his book before I can
see that it is a book that has kept him from is chores).

The three oldest sprites have to spend time practicing the piano.  (I have to pay attention because sometimes they try to cheat...what, not my children).

These two faces I pretty much never see in the morning.  These are Josh's two stupid, fat dogs (you may notice that I don't love these dogs to pieces), but Josh takes care of them morning and evening (after I refused to help anymore because they try to attack each other when they get fed...honestly, I'm not even exagerating, they really do seriously go after each other).  Still, they are part of the family morning.

Josh is off for spring break this week (if only his spring break matched up with the kid's spring break next week...that would be heavenly, sigh) so he is part of our morning routine as well.  Here he is prepping to go to the high school for his morning workout with his little friends.  So cute.

And lets not forget me.  This is my lovely mug without having touched my hair or anything.  I station myself at the downstairs computer pretty much every morning, not because I just can't start my day without blogging or facebook, but rather because if I don't monitor the goings on downstairs no chores will get done and much fighting will ensue.  I guess it works.

Welcome to my morning.  What are yours like?

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