...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Circus as the Trunk-or-Treat

This past weekend was our ward trunk-or-treat activity in preparation for Halloween.

I love this night!  

It is so fun to get all dolled up in something crazy and give candy to kids and see the creative way they have put together costumes and talk to people from our ward and neighborhood and just have a bunch of fun.  

Plus, how often do you really get the chance to decorate the back of your Suburban.  Seriously, the world needs more of that.

Here's a little peek at the fun.

This year, I opted to go with a circus theme for our display.  I mean, when you have a striped, pink vest hanging around in your costume box I think it is some kind of rule that it must be used or else you turn into a Gremlin or something (or maybe that's if you get it wet when you wear it, I can't remember).  We decorated ourselves and our car and even used our Big Jambox to play big top type music for our sugar-seeking patrons to enjoy.


But, despite my long gone dreams of our entire family dressing with a single theme, such shenanigans are not to be.  We have very independent thinkers around here (which is good and bad all at once) so we diversify. 

And while Aubrey joined in my kaleidoscope of circus excitement (we used her concession box to hand out our candy...so great!) my other kidlets went their own way and that was great too.

Logan donned some skeleton get up, Ellie was the cutest flapper I have ever seen, Parker was Scorpion (I think) from a video game, Gavin and Bryce pulled out some stuff they liked and threw it on at the last second (Bryce because he wasn't originally going to dress up and Gavin because he just cannot make up his mind what he really wants to be so he changes really often).

Sadly, Josh didn't get to hang out with us this year because he had to work that night (secretly, I think he was thrilled because I ALWAYS make him dress up for my theme with me and while he does do it I am pretty sure he doesn't appreciate the opportunity very much).

Mostly, thanks to our ward and neighborhood friends for a great excuse to be silly and have some fun.  We live around an incredible array of people and I am grateful to know every single one of them.

Hope your pre-Halloween celebrations are as fun as ours have been.

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