...and they all lived happily ever after...

...and they all lived happily ever after...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Parker almost makes me cry (in a good way)

Today Parker came rushing up to me in the lunch room at school (I work at the school part time now that Ellie is in kindergarten).  He was bursting to tell me something and couldn't wait until we got home.

When he told me what he had done I nearly cried cause I'm a big baby at heart.

Turns out that Parker's class had participated in a class store that morning.  Kids can bring used things that they no longer want or need (or new things they want to sell) and auction them off for fake money earned in school for good behavior and good work in class.

When the auction started Parker noticed that someone was selling an old edition of an Ipod (the Ipod 4).  He knew that his sister had an Ipod 4 but the screen was cracked and mottled  and had been for the nearly two years she had owned it (it got broken when it fell from her big brother's pocket when he owned it before her).  

So Parker used a large portion of his classroom money to buy Aubrey the Ipod his classmate was selling.

I asked him if he was going to save it and give it to her as a Christmas present.  He thought about it and then said he just couldn't wait that long because he was so excited to see her face when she got it.

And she was thrilled.

And he was so very pleased.

Oh my goodness, I love these people.  That he was willing to overlook candy and toys and loads of things he would have loved to have for himself in order to do something amazingly kind for his sister is absolutely awesome.

I love watching the incredible human beings my babies are growing up to be.  I feel so blessed to have them around.  I'm grateful for the lessons they teach me and the way they help me grow up to be a better person.

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